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The General Collections and Humanities Center offers an in-library and circulating collection of encyclopedias, materials in library & information science, journalism, the occult, philosophy, psychology, religion, social sciences, education, linguistics, literature, travel, history and biography.

General Collections and Humanities is home to three reference centers:

Collections and Services Available

  • A very strong biography print collection is supplemented by databases such as Biography Resource Center, Biography/Genealogy Master Index, and Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
  • An extensive occult/paranormal-themed collection for in-library use
  • A global and up-to-date circulating and reference travel collection supplemented by a wide range of reference maps and atlases
  • English and American literature criticism is featured in this department. We have a full-run of the Gale Literature Criticism series in print and online. This is supplemented by the Literature Resource Center, the Oxford English Dictionary Online and JSTOR.
  • A large play collection, including collections of scenes and monologues.
  • An undergraduate level history collection supplemented by the History Resource Center, JSTOR and New York Times Historical databases. Our history collection is a good supplement to our genealogy collection, including the online databases, HeritageQuest and Ancestry Library Ed. Due to limitations with our contract Ancestry can be used from the Main Library only.
  • An abundant Social Sciences collection is supplemented by databases JSTOR, New York Times Historical, Ethnic News Watch, Contemporary Women’s Issues (CWI), Social Studies Fact Cards and Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center.
  • A strong poetry collection, international in scope. The collection of modern and contemporary American poetry is particularly in-depth.
  • A diverse psychology collection, encompassing the range of formal theory as well as numerous self-improvement titles.
  • An inclusive Religion collection, containing primary and interpretive texts for the range of established religions as well as emergent and alternative spiritualities.
  • Other well-covered collections including philosophy, journalism, true crime, library science, encyclopedias, and dictionaries.

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