My List

My List allows you to create groups of books and AV materials that are in the San Francisco Public Library collection. Using Lists, you can keep track of things that you have already read or seen, things you plan to check out later, and/or things that cannot be checked out at the present time. You may have an unlimited number of Lists with as many titles in them as you like.

To Create or Add to My List

  1. Log in to your Library record in the Classic Catalog (use the Log In button).
  2. Click on the Search the Catalog button.
  3. Perform your search. For example, if you wish to create a List with books by a particular author, select Author in either the drop-down menu or the Author link. Type the author's name in the search box and click the Search Catalog button.
  4. In the resulting hit list, click the boxes to the left of the titles that you wish to add to My List.
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