Types of Materials

Contents of the San Francisco Public Library System
Book iconBook
A hardback or paperback published written work
Computer File IconComputer File
Software files stored on floppy disks, CDROM or other media
Optical discs most often storing movies or television shows. DVDs have a higher resolution then VCDs.
eBook IconeBook
A downloadable, electronically published book
Music CD IconMusic CD, Tape, or LP
Music sound recordings (e.g., opera, symphony, folk, rock, hip-hop, rap, jazz, instrumental, vocal, electronic, found, etc.) stored on a variety of media, e.g., tapes, CDs, or vinyl LPs
Music IconMusic Score
Printed music (e.g., full scores, miniature scores, piano-vocal scores, individual instrument scores, songs, etc.)
Periodical IconPeriodical Current
A continuing publication, published over a period of time in individual issues; a magazine, journal or newspaper in paper, microform, or electronic media for which the Library has a current subscription
Periodical Ceased IconPeriodical Ceased
A periodical that has ceased publication, or changed title, or is no longer actively subscribed to by the Library, yet the Library still retains the publication in its collections and in the catalog
Spoken Cd IconSpoken Tape, CD, or LP
Non-musical sound recordings (e.g., novels, stories, plays, poems, sound effects, etc.) stored on a variety of media, e.g. tapes, CDs, or vinyl LPs
VHS IconVHS Video
A videotape cassette, usually of a movie or television show
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