Login Bookmarklet

Fill in your Card Number and PIN and press the Create my SFPL Login Bookmarklet button to use for the Classic Catalog.  A new orange bookmarklet will be created below the button- drag that orange bookmarklet into your bookmarks toolbar.  For browser specific instructions, see the right hand column of this page.  

Privacy: The Login Bookmarklet allows anyone using the computer to login to this library record. Please only add the bookmarklet to your own personal computer. Do not add the bookmarklet to a shared or public computer.

To use your SFPL Login bookmarklet

  1. Set up your SFPL Login bookmarklet (see instructions at right)
  2. Go to the Log In To Your Record page in the Classic Catalog
  3. Click on your SFPL Login bookmarklet in your bookmarks. You will automatically be logged in to your Library Record.

What is a bookmarklet?

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