Minutes of the regular meeting of Thursday, February 16, 2006.

(As approved amended March16, 2006)

The San Francisco Public Library Commission held a regular meeting on Thursday, February 16, 2006 in the Koret Auditorium, Main Library.


The meeting was called to order by Vice President Coulter s at 4:03 pm.


Commissioners present: Coulter, Gomez, Kane, and Strobin.

 A quorum was present. Commissioner Chin was excused attendance.





An anonymous member of the public recommended against support for the Friends of the Library; commented on the importance of Sunshine laws to maintain an open society; and discussed how decline in the quality of information available in a large organization results in manipulation of information that shapes decision making. This person cited the virtue of open society is that it is open to a variety of sources of information


Ms. Nancy Farese, Friends of the Library Board Vice Chair, called attention to upcoming 10th Anniversary Library Laureates Dinner, and discussed the Friends participation in the upcoming San Francisco Antiquarian Book Fair.


M. Deborah Doyle, Friends of the Library, wished everyone “Happy Mardi Gras!” and distributed the distinctive purple, green, and gold bead necklaces to the Commissioners.


Tatiana, a Richmond Branch Library user, suggested use of a temporary location in the Presidio at Building 1808 for branch library services while the Richmond Branch was closed for renovation.


President Higueras and Commissioner Bautista joined the meeting at 4:08pm.

President Higueras assumed the Chair.









An anonymous member of the public found the minutes appalling, suggested that the Friends of the Library were improperly identified; noted that a speaker on the Bernal Heights Branch Library issues, Katie Gough’s comments were not reported; pointed that the name of another speaker Paul Kantus was misidentified as Paul Kangus, and called attention to instances of misuse of “it’s” and “its”.


Mr. Peter Warfield found his reported comments drained of meaning, that his comments had been focused on self-pick up of reserves rather than self check-out; and


that he had spoken more strongly about the system as breaching user privacy. Regarding his comments on the proposed transfer of $2 million, Mr. Warfield said that he had cited the requirements of Proposition E rather than expressing his own preference for more hours and books.


Commission discussion of AGENDA ITEM #2 APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF JANUARY 19, 2006


President Higueras recalled public comment offered that was not reported as was noted by the anonymous member of the public and also requested corrections of the identification of two speakers, Mr. Kantus and Mr. Boscovich.


Commissioner Gomez recommended that speakers be encouraged to use speaker cards so that we have the correct spelling of the names of speakers. It was suggested that a sign asking those who wished to do so to offer correct spelling of their names when offering public comments be posted on the podium


MOTION: by Vice President Coulter, 2nd by Commissioner Strobin for approval of the Minutes of the regular Public Library Commission meeting of January 19, 2006 as amended.


ACTION: 6-0 AYE (Bautista, Coulter, Higueras, Gomez, Kane, and Strobin)





Marilyn Thompson, Branch Library Improvement Program Manager began by reporting that no informational or special reports would be presented at this meeting. Ms. Thompson next presented her usual monthly reports on: the BLIP Schedule; the current Budget; and new and renovation projects Construction Reports, (copies attached).

Ms. Thompson informed the Library Commissioners about the ongoing Branch Library Improvement Program’s active projects: new construction; renovations; presented detail of ongoing construction, and discussed recent and upcoming BLIP community outreach activities, (copy attached).





An anonymous member of the public commented: there was still some use of dark text on dark photos; asked if there would be response to unanswered Peer Panelist’s questions concerning the Western Addition, and Potrero Branches. This speaker concluded with a discussion about the transfer of $2 million from the Library Budget Reserve to the Bond Program, asking which projects were to be funded; and requested a close analysis of how these funds were to be spent.


                  Commission discussion of AGENDA ITEM #4 BLIP MANAGER’S REPORT


                        Commissioner Kane asked if an overview of the budget outlook for the remaining

Bond Program Projects was to be brought to the Commission. Commissioner Bautista


noted that it was essential that future Bond Project bids be closely watched. City Librarian Herrera informed the Commissioners that a mid-point overview of the entire Bond Program was in preparation and would be brought to the Commission for discussion. In response to a question by Commissioner Gomez, Ms. Thompson discussed ongoing problems with a neighbor of the West Portal Branch Renovation Project. President Higueras noted that the Bond Program made extensive outreach to the neighbors of each of the Construction projects and would continue to do so even when differences of opinion occurred. In response to a question by Commissioner Kane, the City Librarian noted that very early in the Bond Program the decision was made not to use the limited bond funds for temporary locations. Mr. Herrera noted instead an array of interim services would be offered including longer hours at nearby branches, and bookmobile services. The City Librarian citing the case of special language collections, such as the Richmond Branch Library’s Russian materials, noted that the Library planned top relocate some collections to nearby branches so that they would continue to be available during renovation of their home branch.  




City Librarian Luis Herrera presented a recap of the preliminary overview of the Library’s 2006-07 Budget as presented at the February 5th Commission meeting  and reported that there were proposed changes and increases, including a $4 million increase in the baseline revenues, that would be presented in detail.


Library Chief Financial Officer Jay Manglicmot began his presentation (copy attached) by thanking the Library’s managers for all of their long hours and hard work in developing the proposed 2006-07 Library Budget. The Chief Financial Officer then began his presentation of the Library’s proposed $71,056,206 Budget for 2006-07. Mr. Manglicmot noted the Budget Change Proposals (BCPs) presented previously remained unchanged but that there were two significant additional changes that were being proposed.  The first was addition of $962,602 for a Page Benefits adjustment and the second $666,748 for a Mobile Teen Library. The City Librarian provided background on the three groups of Library staff employed as Pages and outlined how this change proposed to eliminate inequities, and allow redeployment of pages in better ways to support Library services. Mr. Herrera then discussed the Mayor’s $16 million

Anti-Youth Violence Initiative and reported that the Library’s contribution to this effort would be purchase and operation of a special teen-centered bookmobile to operate in the Western Addition neighborhood.


Mr. Manglicmot then discussed the proposed Book and materials Budget $7,475,370, an increase $1,042,000, for the highest annual increase. The City Librarian provided a snapshot of the kinds of materials that the proposed increase in the Book and Materials Budget would allow the Library to acquire. The Chief Financial Officer then discussed mandated increases in Library Labor costs to support a proposed 632.6 FTE staffing level. The Library Chief Financial Officer then concluded his presentation by describing how the budget was balanced through increase revenues that left a budget reserve of $3,642,826.


Public comment on AGENDA ITEM #3 LIBRARY 2006-07 BUDGET


An anonymous member of the Public remarked that this was a fascinating budget; that they had received the budget explanatory documents in advance, but not at the same time as the meeting agenda was posted. This speaker discussed what the different budget figures offered by the Library and the Office of the Controller represented in the discussion of how to spend money, such as for more hours, but was glad of additional funds for books.


Mr. Peter Warfield commented that he was pleased that the book budget was to be increased and noted that the City Librarian had presented information on the Budget to the Library Citizens Advisory Committee (LCAC) on which he served. Mr. Warfield asked for a breakdown concerning how this increase in the book budget would benefit the Library’s regular book collections; expressed concern with the proposed $2 million transfer to the Bond Program; and suggested again additional public services hours could be added.


Mr. Kimo Crossman concurred with the previous speakers concerns and questions. Mr. Crossman objected to the Library’s proposed enhancement of its existing Wi-Fi access given the City’s ongoing plan to provide Citywide Wi-Fi access.  Mr. Crossman noted that he had submitted a public records request for information on this proposal.


Ms. Victoria Susoev, an Excelsior Branch Librarian and union steward representing LUKE, thanked City Librarian Herrera for ending the inequity experienced by Library Pages; urged the Commissioners to approve the proposed 06-07 Budget; and reported that the Union supported approval of the entire Budget as proposed.


Ms. Andrea Grimes, Special Collections Librarian and Steward for the Librarian’s Guild, also thanked the City Librarian, and strongly urged the Commissioners to approve the proposed proactive and responsive Library Budget.


 Ms. Faye Rowe, Local 790 SEIU Representative, expressed the Union’s strong support of the Budget proposed by the City Librarian. Ms Rowe noted that the Union had had an excellent relationship with Mr. Herrera since he became City Librarian.


Ms. Deborah Doyle, Friends off the Library, offered the Friends strong endorsement of the proposed Budget, expressed happiness at the increase in the book budget, and recommended that it be approved.


Mr. Mauricio Vela, Bernal Heights resident, speaking about the proposed transfer of $2 million to the Bond Program, noted that even if the Preschool did not return to the Branch Library that it was a matter of simple equity that the Bernal Heights Branch, serving an underserved community, receives a similar increase in funds to expand as originally planned as had already been provided to the Noe Valley Branch Library.  


A 2nd anonymous member of the public inquired regarding the total number of hours that Branches would be open during the renovation process, noting that the interim

services were not the same as the level of service offered at the regular branch library. This person suggested that extra revenues should go for additional hours and books rather than for the Bond Projects


Commission discussion of AGENDA ITEM 3 LIBRARY 2006-07 BUDGET



In response to questions by Commissioner Bautista, Mr. Herrera clarified that the $2 million proposed to be transferred to the Bond Program had been found to be acceptable uses by both the Controller’s Office and the City Attorney. The City Librarian also noted that regarding interim services, while additional hours were offered at nearby Branches they did not duplicate the regular branch hours. Acting Chief of Branches Joan Goldman explained that while the Branches staff was reallocated among other Branches, helping with materials processing, and the bookmobiles, there was no attempt to exactly duplicate the hours of service of the Branch. Ms. Goldman noted that how this was allocated was, by necessity, on a case by case basis. The City Librarian informed President Higueras and Commissioner Bautista that the total number of benefited 20 hour Pages would be increased and the increased hours would be used to support Library services. Library Human Resources Director Donna Marion clarified how the City Charter limitations had eventually required that partially benefited groups of city employees would be integrated into a regular 20 hour classification.


Vice President Coulter noted that this issue had been discussed many times before, noting that our Page Classification was treated differently than as an un-benefited entry level position as in many other library. The Commission Vice President noted that this increase in labor costs , as the increases in the Book Budget from $1 to $7 million were only possible because of Proposition E (Library Preservation Fund 1994) that had not been supported by the Library’s unions. Vice President Coulter expressed the hope that Library Union’s would extend their expressed support for this budget to an extension of Proposition E when that was presented to the voters. The Human Resources Director noted that the majority of the Library’s Pages were temporary exempt as needed positions. The City Librarian noted that this proposal resolved an existing inequity and allowed time to evaluate how the Library might use the temporary exempt as needed Page classification in the future.  In response to a question by President Higueras, Mr. Herrera noted that he planned to continue to hire 20 hour benefited Pages for as most appropriate some positions. Ms. Marion noted that regularly scheduled positions such as those at Mission Bay, required staff not so restricted.


City Librarian noted that this proposed Budget must be based on the figures for revenues the Library knew were available now but that the good news was that the projected revenues could go as high as $12 million this year. The City Librarian pointed that there would also still be a healthy budget reserve. Mr. Manglicmot noted that this budget was based on available funds, rather than projections, as was required.



In response to a question by Vice President Coulter, the City Librarian and John Kenny,

the Acting Chief of Technology Services described the current pilot project Wi-Fi Services at the Main Library with the branches using lesser quality equipment and reported that the proposed $25,000 Budget item fund bringing the entire system up to a higher standard of operation. Mr. Kenny estimated that the citywide Wi-Fi system would not be up before 2007.


In answer to questions by President Higueras and Commissioner Bautista, Library Chief of Children and Youth Services Toni Bernardi gave a overview of how the proposed “teen centered” bookmobile would be integrated with other community agencies and schools in the neighborhoods as well as primarily learning from the teen users about what they wanted. Ms. Bernardi noted that the new bookmobile would have to be custom built and would serve as a “pilot project” featuring technology, media, and design to serve teens in the Western Addition. Ms. Bernardi explained that the amount budgeted was for the entire cost not just the bookmobile itself.


Commissioner Kane applauded the Teen Bookmobile and noted that he was satisfied concerning the transfer of Proposition E funds to the Bond Program after discussions with the City Attorney. Commissioner Kane noted it was essential that the Branch Library renovations be done correctly, and that the Library was fortunate to have Prop. E revenues available to do the job. 


MOTION: Vice President Coulter, 2nd by Commissioner Bautista for approval of the proposed 2006-07 Library Budget as presented.


ACTION: 6-0 AYE (Bautista, Coulter, Gomez, Higueras, Kane, and Strobin)




MOTION: by Commissioner Bautista, 2nd Vice President Coulter to adjourn the regular February 16, 2006 Public Library Commission meeting.


Public comment on AGENDA ITEM #4 ADJOURNMENT


An anonymous member of the public discussed their views, by example of several quotations, of how people got want they wanted from entrenched power.


Mr. Kimo Crossman inquire of this was public comment and was informed that it was public comment on adjournment of the meeting.


ACTION: AYE 6-0 (Bautista, Coulter, Gomez, Higueras, Kane, and Strobin)


The Commission meeting adjourned at 5:51pm.


Michael Housh, Commission Secretary 3/17/06


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Explanatory documents: Copies of listed explanatory documents are available as follows: (1) from the Commission Secretary/Custodian of Records, Main Library, 6th Floor, (2) in the rear of the Koret Auditorium immediately before and during the meeting, and (3)to the extent possible, on the Library's website at

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BLIP Program Manager’s Report slides

BLIP Program Budget, Schedule, and Construction Reports

LIBRARY 2006-07 Budget Change Proposal, Overview, Summary; Teen's Mobile Library Proposal






            Minutes of the Library Commission Meeting February 16, 2006

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