(as approved at the regular meeting of April 5, 2007)

The San Francisco Public Commission held a special meeting on Friday, March 2, 2007, in the Koret Auditorium, Main Library.

The meeting was called to order at 3:38 PM by Vice President Coulter.

Commissioners present:  Bautista, Coulter, Gomez and Munson.  Commissioner Chin arrived at 3:41 and President Higueras arrived at 3:50 PM.  Commissioner Kane was excused.

Donna Marion, Departmental Personnel Officer, described the recruiting process for the Library Commission Secretary, which began in October2006.  A variety of venues were used for advertising the position.



Public Comment:The anonymous citizen presented a copy of an appellate court opinion that gives the Commission the right not to hear public comment after a closed session.  He recalled that Commissioners did take public comment after the last closed session and suggested that Commissioners will be irrational under all circumstances.

Peter Warfield noted that the job announcement for Secretary, Library Commission included several duties associated with the City Librarian’s Office and the Library as a City department.  He said he understood that the Secretary works for the Commission and questioned the reasoning behind non-commission duties.

Motion: by Commissioner Bautista, seconded by Commissioner Munson, that the Library Commission enter into closed session pursuant to California Government Code Section 54957(b)(1) and San Francisco Administrative Code Section 67.10(b) – Personnel Matter-Public Employee Appointment-Secretary, Library Commission. 

Action: AYE 5 – 0 (Aye: Bautista, Chin, Coulter, Gomez and Munson)

Commission Comment:

Vice President Coulter estimated that the closed session would last at least one hour.

Pursuant to California Government Code Section 54957(b)(1) and San Francisco Administrative Code Section 67.10(b) the San Francisco Public Library Commission entered into closed session at 3:47 PM.


At 5:46 PM the commission returned to open session with 5 members present: Commissioner Bautista, Chin, Coulter, Higueras and Munson.

Motion: by Commissioner Munson, seconded by Commissioner Chin,  pursuant to San Francisco Administrative Code Section 67.12(a), to disclose that the Commission interviewed for the position of Library Commission Secretary and has authorized the City Librarian or his designee to enter into negotiations with the top ranked candidate.  The motion was approved by the following vote: 5 – 0; Aye: Bautista, Chin, Coulter, Higueras and Munson.



Motion: By Commissioner Coulter, seconded by Commissioner Bautista that the special March 2, 2007 meeting of the San Francisco Public Library Commission be adjourned.

The meeting adjourned at 5:48 PM.

Richard Walsh

Acting Secretary

Please note:  Copies of commission minutes and handouts are available in the office of the secretary of the San Francisco Public Library Commission, 6th floor, Main Library, 100 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA 94102-4733.


Explanatory documents:  Copies of listed explanatory documents are available as follows:  (1) from the commission secretary/custodian of records, 6th floor, Main Library; (2) in the rear of Koret Auditorium immediately prior to, and during, the meeting; and (3), to the extent possible, on the Public Library’s website  Additional materials not listed as explanatory documents on this agenda, if any, that are distributed to library commissioners prior to or during the meeting in connection with any agenda item will be available to the public for inspection and copying in accordance with Government Code Section 54954.1 and Sunshine Ordinance Sections 67.9, 67.28(b), and 67.28(d).