Back cover of "The Third Sex"


by Randy Salem
New York, N. Y.
Universal Publishing and Distributing Corporation, c1959.

Back cover text:


A young and ardent girl, Chris Hamilton also was an incredibly handsome one. You would hardly have suspected her of harboring perverse hungers, odd desires - unless you knew of her love affair with another woman, a lovely blonde baggage appropriately named Dizz. That cruel Dizz! She accepted the advances of Chris yet withheld love. Deliberately, to torture Chris, she allowed herself an affair with a hairy-chested and altogether virile man. she behaved so coldly, so harshly, that Chris seemed sure to turn to a third girl - sweet little Carol Martin, who admired Chris so much that she, Carol, was willing to sacrifice herself. . .

Was there any escape for Chris? Could she heal herself with work - self denial - or the embraces of a man? The answer is disclosed in this delicate yet unblushingly frank novel - which courageously dispels the mists shrouding unconventional love!

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