Virtual Tour of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition

Click a location on map to view an image Palace of Food Products Palace of Agriculture Court of the Universe Iowa Building Mississippi Building Court of Four Seasons Palace of Fine Arts Administration Avenue Southern Pacific Company building Ghirardelli Chocolate building Watch Palace Panama Canal building Bowls of Joy Marine Cafe Creation of the World Dayton Flood Palace of Education Palace of Horticulture Avenue of Palms South Gardens South Gardens Festival Hall Fountain of Energy Tower of Jewels Court of Abundance Court of Palms Argentine Building Bolivian Building California Building Canadian Building Chinese Building Palace of Liberal Arts Palace of Transportation Philippine Islands Building Swedish Building Avenue of Nations Turkish Building Australian Building Cuban Building Danish Building French Building Greek Building Japanese Building Palace of Mines and Metallurgy Palace of Machinery Palace of Varied Industries Palace of Manufactures Court of Flowers Avenue of Progress Massachusetts State Building Race track and athletic field Polo Field Livestock stables Livestock Stadium Florentine Court Yacht Harbor Music Concourse Pavilion of Siam Inside Inn Norwegian Building New Zealand Building Portuguese Building Fillmore Street entrance Press Building Scott Street Entrance Y.W.C.A. Building Italian Building Hawaiian Islands Building The Netherlands Building Washington State Building Utah State Building Ohio State Building Illinois State Building New York City Building Indiana State Building Pennsylvania State Building New York State Building Oregon State Building New Jersey State Building Nevada State Building Wisconsin State Building Arkansas-Oklahoma Building West Virginia State Building Kansas State Building Texas State Building North Dakota State Building Montana State Building Idaho State Building Virginia State Building Brick and Clay Products Building Avenue of States Esplanade Irish Village (Shamrock Isle.) Chinese Village, Battle of Gettysburg, Alt Nurnberg and Tehuantepec Village buildings "Submarine" exhibit Toyland Grand Canyon Japan Beautiful exhibit 101 Ranch Vienna Cafe and Ostrich Farm Old Faithful Inn and Yellowstone Park Aeroscope Samoan Village Baby incubator exhibit The Marina The Zone Exposition Ferry Slip Grand Stands Poultry Exhibit