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The Library is closed February 15, Presidents' Day

Educational Guidance Collection is located in the General Collections & Humanities Center. The Collection offers directories, guides, catalogs, and narrative information for persons interested in pursuing higher education both academic and technical. The books in the collection are for library use only, but are supplemented by books in the circulating collection on the 3rd floor.

Collections and Services Available

  • A large collection of test preparation books for the GRE, SAT, AP, ASVAB, GED among others. The LearningExpress Library database offers additional test preparation resources.
  • Secondary education directories and guides
  • Local college catalogs for use in the library. Our database CollegeSource Online offers access to catalogs from most 2-year, 4-year, graduate, professional and international schools.
  • Semester and quarterly class schedules for local educational institutions
  • Financial aid information, including procedure manuals, directories, and application forms
  • Assistance on the use of the internet and the Library‚Äôs databases for your educational research.

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