Escritorios de los Auxiliares Bibliotecarios

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12 - 4:4510 - 5:459 - 7:459 - 7:459 - 7:4512 - 5:4510 - 5:45
La Biblioteca cerrará el 15 de febrero, Día de los Presidentes
Paging Desks are located on the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th floors. Staff retrieve books, sheet music, government documents and magazines from closed stacks and off-site storage. Use of reference (LIBRARY USE ONLY) materials requires the deposit of approved photo identification.


  • Provides help using the copy, change and debit card machines
  • Provides access to a (floors 3, 4 and 5)
  • Retrieves materials stored in closed stacks and off-site Note: Requests for materials stored off-site (identified in the catalog as DELAYED PAGING) are taken daily and are paged Monday through Friday; generally, materials will be made available 24-48 hours later. Materials stored off-site are identified in the Library's catalog as DELAYED PAGING and are noted as follows:
    MAIN: Floor 3 Page Dsk/BrG
    MAIN: Floor 3 Page Dsk/Brk
    MAIN: Floor 3 Page Dsk/Broo
    MAIN: Floor 3 Page Dsk/InBr
    MAIN: Floor 4 Page Dsk/Br
    MAIN: Floor 4 Page Dsk/Sut
    MAIN: Floor 5 Page Dsk/Brr Note: Some materials from the San Francisco History Center and the Gay and Lesbian Center are also stored off-site and will be made available 24-48 hours after being requested.
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