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12 - 4:4510 - 5:459 - 7:459 - 7:459 - 7:4512 - 5:4510 - 5:45
Paging Desks are located on the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th floors. Staff retrieve books, sheet music, government documents and magazines from closed stacks and off-site storage. Use of reference (LIBRARY USE ONLY) materials requires the deposit of approved photo identification.


  • Provides help using the copy, change and debit card machines
  • Provides access to a (floors 3, 4 and 5)
  • Retrieves materials stored in closed stacks and off-site Note: Requests for materials stored off-site (identified in the catalog as DELAYED PAGING) are taken daily and are paged Monday through Friday; generally, materials will be made available 24-48 hours later. Materials stored off-site are identified in the Library's catalog as DELAYED PAGING and are noted as follows:
    MAIN: Floor 3 Page Dsk/BrG
    MAIN: Floor 3 Page Dsk/Brk
    MAIN: Floor 3 Page Dsk/Broo
    MAIN: Floor 3 Page Dsk/InBr
    MAIN: Floor 4 Page Dsk/Br
    MAIN: Floor 4 Page Dsk/Sut
    MAIN: Floor 5 Page Dsk/Brr Note: Some materials from the San Francisco History Center and the Gay and Lesbian Center are also stored off-site and will be made available 24-48 hours after being requested.
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