Intro to Cycling

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Intro to Cycling: Through a variety of bicycle safety classes, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is promoting the bicycle for everyday transportation and safer streets for everyone. This one hour course will teach you how to ride safely and confidently sharing the street, the rules and regulations of the road, and how to integrate bicycling into your daily life – from commuting to shopping. All ages and skill levels are welcome to attend and no bicycle is required. This course is funded in part by the SFMTA.


Intro to Urban Bicycling
星期日, 2015年9月20日, 2:00 pm
Bayview 分館, Bayview 會議室


Biking Safety Traffic Skills 101-1
星期六, 2015年9月26日, 1:00 pm
North Beach 分館, North Beach分館
Biking with Babies + Family Bike Showcase
星期六, 2015年10月3日, 10:30 am
Ortega 分館, 圖書館外圍