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SOUTHWEST (Sudoeste)

Director: Eduardo Nunes
Brazil   |   2011   |   128 minutes
Portuguese, with subtitles in English

Synopsis In this gorgeously dreamlike and mysterious tale, a young woman named Clarice gives birth on her deathbed to a baby girl also christened Clarice by the bruxa (or witch) attending the nearly simultaneous moments of death and birth. Spirited away to a remote lakeside village, baby Clarice lives her whole life in the span of twenty-four hours, and yet (as the film’s vast, black-and-white panoramas suggest) even so compressed a lifetime remains impossible to fully grasp or contain. In Eduardo Nunes’s assured debut feature, precious strands of memory, identity and desire add up to a palpable fairytale affirming our place in the ineffable stream of life.

About the Director 

Eduardo Nunes was born in Niterói, Brazil in 1969. He studied cinema at the Fluminense Federal University in Rio de Janeiro. He has worked as an assistant director, producer and editor. He directed documentaries beginning in 1998 and has also directed five short films. His short film Reminiscence won Best Brazilian Short Film and Best Brazilian Short Film Sound at the Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival in 2002. Southwest is his first feature film.