LEGO Robotics: Mindstorm Madness

A LEGO Robotics Workshop
Event detail

San Francisco Public Library is proud to announce the launch of the Teen LEGO Robotics program. At this workshop teens will learn how to assemble a motorized LEGO robot and to program it to do various actions such as follow the sound of your handclap!

Please note:

Workshop space is extremely limited.

Registration strongly encouraged.

To register contact Eric Hannan at or by calling 415-557-4426.

No experience needed.

Light snacks provided

Ages 11-19

Robots y LEGO. Los participantes aprenden a montar y programar un robot digital Lego para que realice diferentes acciones, como seguir el sonido de una palmada. No se necesita experiencia, solo para los jóvenes de 11 a 19 años.

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