Find a Public Middle School for Your Child

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Researching, deciding and applying for middle schools can seem overwhelming. Parents for Public Schools of San Francisco is hosting this workshop to help parents/guardians understand options and navigate enrollment. You will learn about the SFUSD Student Assignment System and its key dates, and receive advice and tips from experienced parents.

Register online at or call 415-861-7077.


Parents for Public Schools - SF
星期三, 2017年3月22日, 6:30 pm
Park 分館, Park 分館會議室
Parent Club
星期二, 2017年3月28日, 10:00 am
Visitacion Valley 分館, Visitacion Valley 公眾地面範圍
Parent Club
星期二, 2017年4月11日, 11:30 am
Visitacion Valley 分館, Visitacion Valley 分館會議室