The Last Negro On Earth...starring Johnny Depp

How the Business of Hollywood Shapes the Business of Everyday
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Entertainment media influences our views of and interactions with each other. Hollywood's bias toward White male workers - both in front of and behind the camera - slants our entire society.

Join panelists for an interactive discussion of the myriad forces at work in maintaining Hollywood's status quo and ways to encourage change.


Kathleen Antonia, performer/filmmaker/lawyer (Moderator)

Adrienne Anderson, founder International Black Women's Film Festival

Michael Gene Sullivan, actor/writer/director/blogger/teacher

Velina Brown, actor/columnist/The Business of Show Biz coach

Este es un programa de negocios y finanzas personales de SFPL . Esta serie le trae programas para mejorar su bienestar financiero y habilidades de negocios.

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