High Times in San Francisco

African Americans in San Francisco, 1960-1990
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High Times is San Francisco is a community event providing the public the opportunity to participate in scholarly research of African Americans in San Francisco by helping identify and catalog several collections of photographs covering the neighborhoods of the Western Addition, and Bayview/Hunters Point. These photos provide a unique glimpse of black San Francisco in the period before the events of Jonestown/People’s Temple and the crack epidemic and AIDS epidemic.


Lambda Literary Awards Finalists Reading
星期二, 2015年4月21日
Main 總圖書館, Latino/Hispanic 會議室 A 和 B
Another Little Piece of My Heart
星期三, 2015年4月22日
Main 總圖書館, Hormel 中心
Celebrate Life
星期六, 2015年4月25日
Main 總圖書館, Hormel 中心



Primitive No More:
至 星期四, 2015年7月9日
Main 總圖書館, 非洲裔展覽中心