You Don't Say!

Wordless Cartoons from the Schmulowitz Collection of Wit & Humor
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This year's theme is cartoons without words, featuring the artists who inspired the pantomime cartoon, and the cartoonists who helped it bloom. Although the art form was used centuries earlier, pantomime cartoons flourished starting in mid-nineteenth century Europe, with trail blazing cartoonists Rudolphe Topffer, Wilhelm Busch, Cham, and the Ally Sloper group shaping the modern cartoon phenomenon. America's contribution to comic art a few decades later helped bring about a golden age of cartooning.

The exhibition includes some of the masters of pantomime or wordless cartoons, such as A.B. Frost, H.M. Bateman, Otto Soglow ("The Little King"), Marge ("Little Lulu"), Mik ("Ferd'nand"), e.o. plauen ("Vater und Sohn"), George Baker ("The Sad Sack"), Antonio Prohias ("Spy vs. Spy"), Don Martin, and many more.


Thursdays at Noon Film Series: You Don't Say! Silent films
Koret Auditorium,  Lower Level, 12 noon

April 3-Silent Movie
April 10-City Lights
April 17-Modern Times
April 24-The Artist

Images: detail, SCOWAH bookplate; Nat Schmulowitz (circa 1964); detail, Little Lulu and Her Pals by Marge (1939)

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