Short History of Narrative Cinema

Talk with Dominic Angerame
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A native film historian, Dominic Angerame, will take the audience on a kaleidoscopic journey of cinema history: the Lumiere Bros., French cinema, D. W. Griffith, Chaplin and Keaton, the Russians, Eisenstein, the German in 3 sessions spread over three months.

Session II: Cinema creates a new life. This session will focus around the major contributions of D. W. Griffith. I will talk about his early days in cinema and the films that led up to the creation of his materpieces “Birth of A Nation” and “Intolerance”. Clips of these works will be shown and discussed. I will also talk about the early days of Hollywood the big stars and the creation of a fan base. There will also be discussion and questions and answers from participants in the session especially regarding the contents of Birth of A Nation.

This is a Films & Videos program from SFPL. From feature films to youth-made videos, we’ve got something great to watch.

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