Growing Orchids - Tips for Bay Area Climate

Presenter - Master Gardener Lisa Erdos
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San Francisco Master Gardeners Present -
Learn about cool, temperate, and tropical zone orchids.  Which type is good for you?  Get to know cool growing orchids for San Francisco and the Coast such as Phaelaenopis orchids.  Discover how to successfully re-pot your orchid, water, feed and get them to re-bloom, and ways to deal with common pests and diseases.
Presenter Master Gardener Lisa Erdos:  Lisa worked in quality for the pharmaceutical industry for 30 years before becoming a Master Gardener in 2009.  She enjoys gardening with senior citizens at San Francisco’s 30th Street Senior Center and the Saint Francis of Assisi Senior Housing Community, growing Masdevallia, Cymbidium, Dendrobium kingianum and Phalaenopsis orchids in San Francisco, and is continually surprised that they bloom and thrive. 
 This is a timely seasonal presentation as Orchids come into the nurseries in higher numbers in both Jan and Feb.  Participants may bring pictures of their Orchids for plant identification.  Also, if you suspect your plant is diseased please bring a plant sample in a closed zip lock bag and a photo of the plant for evaluation.

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