Healing, Wellness, Gratitude and Fun

with Rachel Fleischman, LCSW, REAT
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As we enter the New Year, deepen your gratitude, learn new mind-body techniques and get healthier! You will take home simple practices you can use to strengthen well-being and joy. This experiential gratitude-based workshop will help you reduce stress, promote calm and balance, and maybe even offer a few belly laughs.

Using a Gratitude Journal, we'll draw on guided meditation, writing, Buddhist psychology, and cutting-edge neuroscience. With these tools, we can activate our compassion, generosity, awe and contentment, and improve our overall health.
Join us and learn how to consciously cultivate gratitude through practice. Develop an "appreciation radar” and be touched by the simplest things.

Rachel Fleischman, LCSW, REAT, helps people move out of their heads and into their bodies to heal.  A seasoned psychotherapist in San Francisco, international speaker, educator, and writer, she is the founder of the Dance Your Bliss healing system and the Being Bliss meditation CDs.  Ms. Fleischman has been at the forefront of combining psychology with movement, neuroscience, expressive-arts, and spirituality.

Snacks will be served! Come early to assure you get a seat.

This is a Food & Health program from SFPL. Try out new foods or a new healthy activity.

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