Selection Criteria

In keeping with the Mission Statement and the Collection Development Policy of the San Francisco Public Library, selection criteria include:

  • suitability for meeting the needs of the community
  • appeal to the interests of the community
  • artistic excellence
  • literary merit
  • local interest
  • technical quality
  • quality of presentation
  • reputation and significance of the author, generally and in the local community
  • accuracy
  • authoritativeness
  • objectivity
  • reviews in the professional and popular media
  • originality of thought
  • permanent value
  • popular demand
  • relation to existing collections and other material on the subject
  • inclusion of title in standard or special bibliographies or indexes
  • skill, competence and purpose of the author
  • budget, cost and space considerations
  • contemporary significance and current usefulness
  • suitability of physical form for library use
  • availability of materials at other libraries
  • availability of materials online
  • San Francisco Public Library will only purchase or add to its collection items that conform to U.S. laws (e.g. copyright, trade laws)
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