Philosophy / Religion

A collection of the General Collections & Humanities Center. This collection aims for inclusion, providing information on the wide spectrum of efforts - philosophical, spiritual, and ancient to contemporary - to understand the human condition. Popular and significant contemporary works are acquired, maintained and replaced on an ongoing basis. Historic titles are retained and replenished. This collection supports the intellectually and spiritually curious, and the specific needs of students from high school through college, with a wide range of reference works, bibliographies and secondary works. The collection is weeded based on significance of title and changing use.

Philosophy / Ethics
Ancient, medieval and eastern philosophies; contemporary western philosophy; metaphysics and logic; supports both the research needs of undergraduate students and the philosophical and ethical interests of the lay reader.
Popular and esoteric sources dealing primarily with alchemy, astrology, extrasensory perception, feng shui, dream interpretation, magic, the paranormal.
Psychological Theory
Introduction to the field of psychoanalysis with works of Jung, Freud and their successors; research, methodology and other disciplines including developmental, cognitive, comparative and social psychologies.
Popular Psychology / Self-Help
Ever-expanding and very popular subject area includes books responding to a variety of interests, including self-esteem, self-improvement and interpersonal communication.
Biblical Studies
Numerous translations of the Bible; interpretive texts such as concordances, topical Bibles, bible dictionaries, bible encyclopedias and exegesis of specific biblical books; selected variant New Testament texts such as the Nag Hammadi discoveries and other Gnostic gospels; studies of the historical Jesus which reflect local interest in early Christian history.
Historic works treating evolving Christian developments, denominations and doctrines complemented by the works of modern and contemporary Christian thinkers and theologians.
Translations and interpretations of the Qur'an; historical and sociological studies of the rise, spread and diversification of Islam.
Various translations of the Torah and Talmud; the entire Tanakh; guides to Jewish history, ritual, discourse and mystical traditions such as the Kabbalah.
Historical texts in translation and a wide selection of the teachings of local and international contemporary teachers reflecting local interest in, especially, Zen and Tibetan Buddhism.
Polytheism and Emerging Spiritualities
Works on long-standing and contemporary polytheisms - from Hinduism to Santeria, Rasta to Wicca, Native American religions to Neo-Paganism - reflecting local interest in alternative spiritual outlooks.
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