A collection of the General Collections & Humanities Center Here are interdisciplinary works on human society, sociology, social anthropology, social class, social problems and group behavior. Some of the collection supports and overlaps with the Gay and Lesbian Center, the African American Center, the Chinese Center, the Filipino American Center and the Japanese Interest collections. Materials are usually purchased with a general audience and the beginning student in mind, although works in the Educational Guidance Collection are aimed at the college-bound student. The collection is weeded based on significance of title and changing use.

  • Social Interaction & Social Groups: Principles of sociology, interpersonal relations and social psychology within and between groups; in-depth analyses of specific groups by sex, class, religion, ethnicity, etc.; problems, roles, class and social status issues and discrimination against specific groups, historically and currently.

  • Social Processes: Various means of socialization and social control.

  • Factors Affecting Social Behavior: Ecological anthropology (e.g. geographic, chronological, climatic, biological, other environmental factors affecting humans) and demographic characteristics (births, deaths, population control efforts affecting societies).

  • Culture and Institutions: Culture defined as the aggregate of a society's beliefs, folkways, mores, scientific and technological influences, including the patterns of behavior that comprise unique social institutions.

  • Communities: Kinds, their planning and development, the movement of people to, from and within communities and their overall structure.

  • Emigration and Immigration: Historical and current coverage of the movements of groups and individuals from one country to another.

  • Slavery and Emancipation: Slavery's history, aftermath and consequences; long-term effects on society.

  • General Statistics: Pertaining to general facts about continents, countries and localities in the modern world.

  • Social Problems and Services: Historical and current materials on social problems, social welfare and the specific kinds of services and organizations developed to meet societal needs; health, public safety, housing problems, environmental concerns and the institutions developed to deal with them; accounts of true crimes, stories of real criminals, causes of crime and delinquency and historical and contemporary accounts of law enforcement and penal institutions; historical and contemporary accounts of various benevolent and fraternal organizations, their rituals and their work for social improvement.

  • Education: Current, in-depth coverage of pedagogy, the needs of students of all ages - including adults - and the administration of educational institutions; study guides and practice test books for college admission or placement.

  • Customs, Etiquette and Folklore: Those of specific economic, social, occupational, ethnic and religious groups; prescriptive and practical works on social behavior in general and specific events (e.g. weddings) in particular.

  • Disabilities: Psychological and social aspects of living with disabilities; historical aspects of blindness, vision impairment, deafness and hearing impairment; guides for those living with blindness; instructional materials for the teaching of sign language; instructional materials for those with learning disabilities and those who support them, including classroom materials, parental support guides and a multimedia collection; guides for those supporting people with disabilities.