Political Science / Law / Government

A collection of the Government Information Center

Political Science: These current and popular political books and biographies meet the demands of a politically active community. Users include students, general readers, independent researchers, law firms, law students, and community and political activists. The collection is weeded based on significance of title and changing use.

    Politics and Government: Political theory and dictionaries; systems of government and political parties of the United States; federal, state and local governments of the United States; foreign governments and their political systems; elections systems, procedures and results; directories of lobbyists and political action committees (PACs); parliamentary procedures; directories of international organizations; materials for those interested in community activism and political activity.

    International Relations: Foreign policy and diplomacy of and between all countries of the world; selected United Nations documents.

Law: Consumers will find current and self-help publications (Nolo Press, Sphinx Press and Legal Almanac), biographies as well as documents appropriate for San Francisco City & County; California; and Federal depository libraries. Case law, with the exception of U.S. Reports (Supreme Court decisions), is not part of the collection but is available nearby at the County Law Library. Users include those doing legislative histories. The collection is weeded based on significance of title and changing use to meet the demands of students, general readers, independent researchers, law firms, law students and community and political activists.

    Federal, State, and Local: Depository collection for statutes, ordinances, codes, and regulations; legislative histories of federal and state laws; guides to legal research; self-help and consumer law; how-to guides (e.g. bankruptcy, landlord and tenant, immigration, marriage and divorce, employment, probate, business structure, Small Claims, neighbor law, parking tickets); trademark, patent & copyright books supporting the Patent & Trademark Center; legal directories and dictionaries; court directories; legal encyclopedias for legal history and articles on landmark legal decisions.

    International Law: Multilateral treaties; constitutions of foreign countries; limited collection of United Nations documents.

    Constitutional and Administrative Law: U.S. Constitution; state constitutions; U.S. Supreme Court decisions; broad collection of Supreme Court information and biographies of Supreme Court justices.

Public Administration: This general collection contains materials on the management of public agencies. Users of this collection include students, general readers, independent researchers, law firms, law students, and community and political activists. The collection is weeded based on significance of title and changing use.

Government Documents: The Library holds non-circulating significant, current and retrospective works in designated city, state and federal depository collections that are rarely weeded (the exception being Bay Area Regional Documents). Users often include students, researchers, historians, journalists, community activists, city planners, government officials, lawyers and immigrants.

    Federal: United States Federal Depository Library since 1889 and one of the largest and oldest collections in Northern California; currently receives approximately 80% of the documents published by the U.S. government including census publications for all decennial and economic censuses; statistics; annual reports; legislation; statutes; codes; regulations; treaties; military history; major series from federal departments (e.g. Geological Survey's Professional Papers, Bureau of Labor Statistics' Bulletin); topographic maps of the western United States; Congressional publications (e.g. extensive holdings of the Serial Set; House and Senate reports) and biographies. The collection is continually weeded of superseded and lesser-used publications.

    California State: Comprehensive coverage since 1945 of state agency publications; paper copies of all bills introduced in the state legislature; bill amendments; legislative indexes; Senate and Assembly histories, daily files and Journals; copies of chaptered bills most of which must be retained permanently.

    San Francisco City & County: Comprehensive coverage since the 1960s (although many documents precede that date) of City & County agencies’ annual environmental, planning, mayoral and other reports and publications; agendas and minutes of commissions; ordinances and resolutions of the Board of Supervisors since 1967; city budgets.

    Bay Area Regional Documents: Non-comprehensive coverage from such regional agencies as the Association of Bay Area Governments; Bay Area Air Quality Management District; Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District; San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District.
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