Technology / Household Management / Consumer

A collection of the Business, Science & Technology Center
The materials in this collection cover a broad spectrum of science-based topics that apply to daily life. The primary focus of the technology collection is on up-to-date handbooks and technical guides that satisfy the popular information needs of students, apprentices, hobbyists, home buyers, do-it-yourselfers, entrepreneurs and general readers. The current handbooks and manuals in the computer collection are used by students, hobbyists, owners of small businesses and general readers interested in specific software programs; this collection is meant to meet their popular information needs. Users of the cookery collection span all ages and abilities: home cooks; high school, college and culinary school students; food club members; authors; bakery, café and restaurant owners; chefs, bakers, cooks, professional caterers and food designers; small business owners. The household management collection serves the general public, including parents, culinary and cosmetology students, and amateur sewers. The gardening and agriculture collection provides an introductory overview for a general audience and lower-level college students, with selected important works. The collections are weeded based on significance of title and changing use.

  • Building / Construction / Home Maintenance: Buildings, building materials; construction practices, such as cost estimators, standards and codes; construction with specific materials; carpentry; roofing; plumbing; heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC); painting. Collection is oriented to amateurs, but serves the professional as well.

    Chemical Industries: Fundamentals of chemical technology and manufacture of industrial chemicals, fuels, fireworks, beverage and food science, oils (including petroleum), fats, waxes, plastics, gases, ceramics, glass, and various organic products; popular titles on wine, beer and other beverages; fabric dyes and home soap-making.

    Computers: Software, operating systems, programming, databases, word processing, spreadsheets, productivity suites, Web and computer graphics and multimedia systems. (Related topics such as hardware repair, computer-aided design and some software applications are found under electronics, engineering and business, respectively.)

    Consumer: Buying guides and magazines as well as consumer advice and education in areas such as autos, electronics, insurance, healthcare, home, personal finance and business.

    Cooking: Cooking classics and histories; general, ethnic, diet-based, seasonal and holiday cookbooks; current culinary culture and trends such as butchering, canning, food design, pickling and preserving; beverages; catering; diets; entertaining; gracious living; household hints and crafts; lists of cooking schools; starting a food-related business.

    Furniture-Making / Manufactured Products: Beginning and advanced woodworking, cabinetry and furniture-making with emphasis on plans, tool usage and techniques; precision instruments such as clocks and watches, typewriters and firearms; hardware and household appliances; some clothing and accessories; printing, paper making and bookbinding; welding and blacksmithing; packaging technology and other manufactured products; repair manuals as well as handbooks of various collectibles – toys, dolls, teddy bears and other manufactured items.

    Gardening / Agriculture / Pets: Agriculture and related technologies; specific techniques, apparatus, equipment and materials; plant injuries, diseases and pests; field and plantation crops; orchards, fruits and forestry; garden crops and vegetables; animal husbandry; dairy processing and related products; bees and beekeeping; pet care; hunting, fishing and conservation.

    General Technology: History of technology and inventions; drafting, blueprint reading and engineering graphics.

    Home Buying and Remodeling: House buying and selling, mortgages, home ownership, general maintenance, repair and specific remodeling; home heating, air conditioning and alternative energy solutions for the home.

    Household Management: Sewing; grooming; retirement planning; restaurant guides; restaurant and hotel management; housekeeping; parenting and eldercare.

    Manufacturing: Manufacturing and manufacturing processes; metalworking processes, including welding; ferrous and nonferrous metals; lumber processing; wood products; pulp and paper technology; leather and fur processing; textiles and other products of specific kinds of materials such as tobacco and rubber.

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