Business / Economics

A collection of the Business, Science & Technology Center
Works on business, economics and the job market meet the needs of students, employees, business owners and entrepreneurs, consumers, job seekers and career changers. The economics collection in particular is geared toward consumers, students through the undergraduate level, do-it-yourself personal investors, financial planners and people interested in labor history and practices. The collection is supplemented by offerings in the Small Business Center and the Jobs & Careers Center. The collection is weeded based on significance of title and changing use.

General Business: Business and financial success.

Office Management: Business letters and secretarial handbooks; word processing and data processing.

Advertising: Direct, outdoor and media advertising; trade shows; history of advertising.

Marketing:Marketing for small business; sales management and planning; market and consumer research; distribution channels.

Managing: Human resource management; leadership; business ethics; general management techniques.

Accounting:Bookkeeping, financial reporting, cost accounting and auditing; nonprofit, government and small business accounting.

Insurance: Insurance for consumers and – to some degree – professionals; evaluation and ranking of insurers, private and governmental insurance.

Commerce and International Trade: History of trade; interstate and Internet commerce; retail trade; companies; shopping; consumer studies; international import-export and guides to doing business internationally; current and historical trade topics such as globalization, international trade relations and slavery.

Small Business: Choosing, starting, financing and managing various types of small businesses.

Economics: Economic theory, political economy, economic history of all countries of the world with an emphasis on the U.S.

    Economic systems: socialism; communism; anarchism; utopian communities

    Labor:history of the labor movement; directories of labor organizations; manuals on grievance processing and negotiations

    Investing: investment manuals, advice, newsletters; technical analysis; directories of investment companies

    Personal finance: do-it-yourself financial planning

    Industries: company histories; analysis of industrial development; industry overviews; directories

    Taxation: taxation policies

Jobs and Careers: Career exploration, self-assessment, industry and job descriptions, job search, resumes, cover letters, interviews, salary negotiations, and networking; preparations for civil service examinations (e.g. firefighter, post office worker, general).

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