A collection of the Art, Music & Recreation Center This collection includes biographical, historical, critical and technical works and in-depth resources such as exhibit catalogs, catalogues raisonnés, collected sets of criticism and subject encyclopedias. In an effort to document the vibrant arts community of the Bay Area, the Library collects reviews, articles and gallery notices of local art shows from the 1930s to the present (see the Bay Area Visual Artists and Architects Index for specific artists). Also collected are 19th century engravings and posters announcing local arts events. Users of the collection include general readers, students, researchers and professionals. Most of the collection is weeded based on significance of title, changing use and maintaining existing collection strengths.

Architecture: Civic and landscape architecture of all schools, styles, periods and countries.

Art History and Appreciation: Encyclopedias; aesthetics, theory and criticism; international art auction sales records and museum collections' catalogs.

Collectibles: Price guides; auction house sales records.

Costume / Fashion Design: Historical, social and psychological aspects of popular and ethnic costume; high fashion, adornment, tattooing and body piercing.

Crafts: Contemporary and historical crafts movements and persons; pictorial works on craft collections.

Decorative Arts: Industrial art and design; handicrafts; pure and applied design and decoration; calligraphy; decorative coloring; ceramics; metal and other decorative arts in all media, styles, periods and countries.

Cartooning and Graphic Arts: History, technique and artists of comic, graphic and book arts, illuminated manuscripts, illustration and clip art.

Interiors and Interior Decoration: History, design, decorative treatment and how-to.

Prints: History and reproductions of etchings, engravings, lithography, wood cuts and screen-printing.

Painting: Books and exhibit catalogs of painters and paintings in all styles, periods and countries.

Photography: History; works by and about photographers, on particular subjects; technical descriptions.

Sculpture: Three-dimensional works in all media, styles, periods and countries.

Technique and Instruction: Projects and how-to guides to painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, printmaking, fiber crafts and jewelry making.

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