Audiovisual Center Collection

The Louis R. Lurie Foundation Audiovisual Center houses most of the Main Library's circulating media: videos in DVD and VHS formats; music on CD; language learning on CD and cassette; and audiobooks in several languages on CD and cassette.

The collection includes feature films in several languages; selected television series; and nonfiction documentaries. New acquisition of videos is in DVD format primarily, as the Library adopts newer technologies. Audiobook formats are evolving as well; downloadable titles and those on CD are being purchased in lieu of titles on cassette.

Access to the audiovisual collection is through circulation, listening and viewing stations and a weekly film program. The collection holds popular titles, reviewed and weeded continuously based on use.

Videos: The feature films, documentaries and television shows in the video collection provide entertainment and support lifelong learning. Nonfiction videos emphasize travel, opera, dance, film history, musical performances, cookery, fitness, 20th century history and documentaries on social issues. International films represent cinema produced around the world. The emphasis is on widely-requested Chinese, Spanish, Russian, and French language and Indian films. A large assortment of classic and contemporary television shows are collected.

Audiobooks: Audiobooks provide entertainment and uphold the Library's mission of supporting lifelong learning. Titles are of current and classic fiction and nonfiction, as well as college-level lectures.

Music: Music from all times and places includes a wide range of styles and genres - world music, rock, jazz, classical and opera.

Language learning: Instruction is offered for those learning English and other languages. Emphasis is on Spanish, French, Chinese and other European and Asian languages.

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