Deaf Services Center Collection

Part of the Access Services Center Collection The Deaf Services Center provides information to all who are interested in general and specialized information - including biographies - about hearing loss, deafness, Deaf culture, American Sign Language, prominent individuals and other associated topics. Materials in the collection are intended to appeal to D/deaf and hard- of - hearing adults, children, teens, their family members and friends, as well as to professionals in related fields. Children and teens use age-appropriate books and videos in DVD and VHS formats. Researchers, professionals and students use specialized conference proceedings, serials and vertical file material. Archival-level materials are actively sought from local and national agencies, organizations and individuals. Weeding rarely occurs. American Sign Language: Introduction to and practice in ASL; Deaf history, culture, education and performance as it relates to ASL. American Sign Language Interpreting: Initial process; preparation for certification and continuing education units awarded by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. Culture: Hard-of-hearing, late-deafened, oral deaf, D/deaf, Deaf-Blind; primarily in the United States, some foreign cultures represented. Education: History of Deaf education; current U.S. educational resources for infancy through high school. Fiction: Works featuring D/deaf, oral deaf, late-deafened and hard-of-hearing characters; works by deaf authors. History: From the 1800s to the present. Language Acquisition: From birth to age 12. Reading Development: From preschool to age 12

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