Descriptive Videos

Descriptive videos are documentaries (from the Public Broadcasting Service - PBS) and motion pictures in which descriptive narration is given whenever the characters are not speaking. The descriptive narration is used to describe the scene and characters to fill in what the sighted person views when watching the movie or program. Use of SAP (Secondary Audio Program) on a stereo TV (available for many PBS programs) will enable the listener to experience descriptive narration. Registered users of the Library for the Blind and Print Disabled (LBPD) (San Francisco residents only) can call 415-557-4253 to request a title by mail or pick one up when visiting the Library. Patrons can also listen to descriptive videos at LBPD.

  • Only one title at a time can be borrowed
  • Loan period is two weeks
  • Videos will play on any VCR
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