Annual Reports of City Agencies

This Web page complies with posting requirements as set forth in Sections 1.56 and 8.16 of the San Francisco Administrative Code.

Every board, commission, and department must publish an annual report electronically and must transmit the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for each report to the Government Information Center (formerly known as the Documents Department) of San Francisco Public Library.

Following is a directory of the URLs of annual reports transmitted to the Government Information Center, listed alphabetically by agency.

Although every effort is made by the Public Library to post accurate URLs as they are submitted by City agencies, the Library cannot guarantee the permanence of these URLs; the online documents they link to may be moved or removed from a Web site or server without the Library receiving notification. The Government Information Center of the Main Library maintains print copies of annual reports for public review whenever possible.

Arts Commission (PDF)
Board of Appeals (PDF)
Civil Service Commission (PDF)
Controller/Whistleblower Complaints Program (voluntary posting)
Department on the Status of Women (PDF)
District Attorney's Office (PDF)
Elections Commission (S.F.)
Employees' Retirement System (PDF)
Ethics Commission (PDF)
Film Commission (PDF)
Grants for the Arts/San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund (PDF)
Human Resources, San Francisco Department (PDF)
Human Rights Commission, San Francisco (PDF)
Juvenile Probation Commission (PDF)
Medical Examiner's Office
Office of Financial Empowerment (PDF)
Planning Department (PDF 16M)
Port Commission (PDF)
Public Health, San Francisco Department of (PDF)
Public Utilities Commission
Revenue Bond Oversight Committee (PDF)
Public Works, San Francisco Department of
San Francisco Public Library and Friends of the San Francisco Public Library (PDF)
Southeast Community Facility Commission
Sunshine Ordinance Task Force (PDF)
Treasurer and Tax Collector (PDF)
Urban Forestry Council (PDF)
Veterans Affairs Commission (DOC)
Youth Commission (PDF)
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