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RV-006 Llane Alexis: With the Stones Tha

11" x 12" x 8"

One of my good friends made me aware of a project called Reversing Vandalism which was in response to a very upsetting act of vandalism in the San Francisco Public Library in 2001… I liked the idea of the project a lot and every day the desire to be part of it became stronger. There came to mind the idea of constructing a house with the books that I requested—a house called QUEER CENTER. A house made of slashed, cut and torn books that raises and opens its doors to unify and strengthen us against such hatred. A house to serve all those needing help, advice, shelter, education and medical attention— [the vandal] included. A house where the beauty of life and the importance of diversity are celebrated. Llane Alexis is self-taught artist born in 1976 in Havana, Cuba. He now resides in San Francisco.

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