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Image of art piece by Marcus Arana
RV-012 Marcus Arana

Title: Body Vandalism
If “vandalism” is cutting up a book that is not yours, what do we call cutting up a body that does not belong to you? I was inspired by the idea that medical violence is perpetrated everyday against Intersex people. The book is an exposé into the surgical assignment of sex and gender to infants who are incapable of making the choice regarding genital surgery intended to “normalize” their bodies. The piece is also a statement about the hubris of the misguided pediatric surgeons who decide what is in the best interest of the child, denouncing a social construct that our bodies should reflect the entrenchment of gender mores in our sexual identities—we must all turn out to be good little heterosexuals. The book vandal cut a hole into the cover of the book. I cut the back cover and made it into the “goggles” for people to look into a world that is mostly hidden from view—the operating room where unwanted infant genital surgeries are performed nearly every week in San Francisco. The cover is intact so that the viewer can read what the book is about since they cannot read the book itself.

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