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RV-005 Jody Alexander: With Good Warm Wi

6" x 10" x 10"

Sometimes in order for something to get better first it needs to get a lot worse. Before I could heal this book I needed to take the destruction much further than the vandal did, who slashed through the cover and first few pages of the book. I started tearing the book apart until I felt I had gone far enough that I could then start to stitch it back together and make it something good again. Since I am a book artist I wanted the book to remain a book—just in a different form. In putting it back together I choose to focus on the most human element of the book which is the inscription on the title page from the author, a San Francisco resident. I moved the inscription to the cover and used part of it as my title: With Good Warm Wishes. Nothing was wasted in re-creating the book. I used all the pieces that I tore off and very little was added: only thread, glue, tea and wax. I hope I took the book from worse to better; from wounded to stitched; from healing to healed.

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