Reversión del Vandalismo A - C

Image of art piece by Uzuri Amini
RV-009 Uzuri Amini

Title: Freedom 4 Everyone 2 Be In this piece I express my idea about everyone being themselves from the inside out without anyone putting them down. The subject of the book I received focused on homosexuality as a psychological problem. It was vandalized just as other books were. This act of censorship destroyed a book that promotes ideas to which the vandal possibly adheres. Another slashed book cover, offering information about gay men and lesbians in Thailand, presented a different view of gay life contributing a counterpoint to the first book. I utilized words and images besides the ones from the destroyed books in creating my piece. The pink triangle is a statement about how lesbians and gay men or others deemed unacceptable by our society are oppressed in the 21st century by closed-minded people as they were in Nazi Germany. The knife in the book is a suggestion of what someone might actually do to the book if they were into destroying homosexual materials. Thus the persecuted could become the censor they detest. Today as there are many things that divide us as humans, I believe it is important for us to find the things that unite us as we each celebrate who we are.

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