Reversión del Vandalismo A - C

Image of art piece by Nona Baker
RV-017 Nona Baker

Title: Queer Kids Overcoming
The way the book was damaged suggested the approach. Rotating the corner provided an opening, such as the book provides. The fence represents barriers and obstacles; butterflies, the transformation which takes place as a young person becomes who they are. The butterflies are different to represent different gifts and talents. Japanese papers represent the chrysalis from which the butterfly emerges; the trees, the strength needed to overcome prejudice. The old houses represent the idea of the Old Town, the mind-set from which the kids sometimes need to escape, so that they can truly be themselves. One of the corners, cut off and later carefully tucked into the book by staff, was from the dedication page. This suggested to me the “return” segment of the piece. The Phalanopsis orchid is commonly called the butterfly orchid. I deliberately left the cut corner as it was. At first, the flowers which come from the dedication are of all kinds, but eventually they become butterfly orchids, one of the most beautiful forms of that plant. As I worked on the piece, it would have been impossible for me to not think of the kids for whom the book was meant. I wish them well.

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