Reversión del Vandalismo A - C

Image of art piece by Renee Bareno
RV-018 Renee Bareno

This is the front view of this art piece. See the next image for the back view.
This book that has been handled by many has crossed a threshold and become a object of art. The very idea of taking a piece of Library property and altering it seemed wrong. Yet someone else did just that. That individual purposely slashed the front cover into six pieces cutting all the way through to the first page. I took the remains of this book and created a new book. Like a wound that grows scar tissue, this new book does not attempt to cover or mask what has happened to it. I have read every page and selected many to be sealed away from any future reader. I established specific criteria, leading me to embellish some pages and to sew others together. Some of the text has been deselected while some text has remained to create portions of a new story. In its new incarnation, the book sometimes reveals a grim fairytale and sometimes shows us that poetry often lies just beneath the surface. This book should be viewed as something new, as well as a reminder of what happens when individuals take censorship into their own hands.

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