Reversión del Vandalismo A - C

Image of art piece by Stephanie Brockway
RV-026 Stephanie Brockway

I examined the book I received, Venus Unmasked, with jagged horizontal cuts, and was startled by the rage inflicted on a historical book, depicting long forgotten documents, the perils and pleasure of sex, the curiosities of fellow men… I channeled the rage and wanted a red backdrop ... and continued on the theme of jagged cuts to extract phrases and pictures deemed offensive? Informative? Interesting? I felt so bad cutting a beautiful book but hopefully it lives on like an organ transplant giving new live... a love life. In spelling out this phrase love life do you love it? Do you have it? Lets try to? At the top knives are made to be decorative and non-threatening. Attaching chains, represent the censorship that others would deem how we should feel, act and communicate, please touch the blocks and look at the picture, do you like them? Yet the act of cutting to rid us of these books has made us take a look at ART ... not to agree or disagree ... but feel, and remember good art, food, sex, books or??? Is what WE like, not what somebody tells us to like. Enjoy your CHOICES today!

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