Request Items Details

More about Requesting Items: Status Categories & Freeze holds in Classic Catalog

Different Status Categories in Request (holds) List

  • 10 of 24 holds (for example) means you are number 10 out of 24 people waiting for that particular title.
  • CHECK SHELF means your hold has not yet been pulled for you, and should be available and ready to pick up soon.
  • IN TRANSIT means your hold has been pulled and is on its way to the location you selected for pick-up.
  • PROCESSING HOLD means that the item has been checked in, but is not yet on the hold shelf.
  • Ready. Must Pick up by, followed by a date, means the material(s) you have requested will be at the location you have selected 24 hours after your holds notice date, and will be held for you until the date indicated.

Ensure Your Request Items Don't Arrive while You're Out of Town

If you're going on vacation and don't want to lose your place in line, simply place a FREEZE on your items

  1. Log in to Your Library Record.
  2. Click on Requests (Holds).
  3. Select FREEZE and click on UPDATE LIST.

Please note: Not all requests can be frozen. A check box will appear next to each request that can be frozen. When no box appears next to the item, the request cannot be frozen since the system has already set aside an item to fill your request.

When you come back from vacation, log in to Your Library Record, deselect your items and click on UPDATE LIST.

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