TRANScending Identities
The advocate college guide for LGBT students
Windmeyer, Shane L
378.7302 W723a
Amazons and military maids: women who dressed as men in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness
Wheelwright, Julie
306.77 W571a 1990
The apartheid of sex: a manifesto on the freedom of gender
Rothblatt, Martine Aliana

Rothblatt argues that the limiting of gender expression to male and female, based on biology is an artificial construction.

305.3 R742a
As nature made him: the boy who was raised as a girl
Colapinto, John

After a botched circumcision, Bruce was raised as a girl, creating a severe case of gender dysphoria as he grew up. Tragically, he committed suicide after the publication of this book.

305.9066 C67a
Assume nothing
Swan, Rebecca

Stunning black and white photographs accompanied by brief interviews explore many different embodiments of gender.

779.2092 Sw24as
Becoming a visible man
Green, Jamison

Transgender activist Green discusses the medical, social and legal aspects of gender change within the context of his own experiences.

B G82315a
Bisexuality and transgenderism: interSEXions of the others.
edited by Alexander, Jonathan and Yescavage, Karen

Academics and activists explore the B and T of GLBT, challenging the Gay and Lesbian communities to be more inclusive.

306.765 B54155
Blending genders: social aspects of cross-dressing and sex-changing
edited by Ekins, Richard and King, Dave

A somewhat academic look at the transvestite and transgender experience.

306.77 B617
Body alchemy: transsexual portraits
Cameron, Loren

Stunning photographs of male-to-female transsexuals accompanied by short personal comments.

305.3 C146b
Body guards: the cultural politics of gender ambiguity
edited by Epstein, Julia and Straub, Kristina

392.6 B6315
Both sides now: one man’s journey through womanhood
Khosla, Dhillon

FTM Khosla reveals himself to be interestingly misogynistic in his views of women in this memoir.

B K5279a
Butch is a noun
Bergman, S. Bear

Bergman writes about butchness and other forms of being a gender outlaw.

306.768 B4543b
Casa Susanna
edited by Hurst, Michael and Swope, Robert

Collection of photographs of cross-dressers relaxing together at their weekend house in the 1950s and 60s.

306.77 C26
Cassell’s encyclopedia of queer myth, symbol, and spirit: gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender lore
edited by Conner, Randy P.; Sparks, David Hatfield; and Sparks, Mariya

By presenting art from across the continent, past and present, coupled with astute commentary by a worldwide cross-section of artists and scholars, Africa: Arts & Cultures offers an innovative approach that allows the reader to better appreciate African art in its totality.

306.766 C762c
Challenging lesbian norms: intersex, transgender, intersectional, and queer perspectives
edited by Aragon, Angela Pattatucci

306.7663 C3527
Changing ones: third and fourth genders in native North America
Roscoe, Will

Combining individual stories with well-grounded research, Roscoe explores the role of the Native American berdache, known to exist in over 150 Native American tribes.

305.3089 R719c 2000
Christine Jorgensen: a personal autobiography
Jorgensen, Christine

Jorgensen shocked the world with her public male-to-female transition in the 1950s, and went on to have a successful career in the entertainment industry.

B J7675a 2000
Clothes make the man: female cross dressing in medieval Europe.
Hotchkiss, Valerie R.

Examining religious, literary, and historical sources, Hotchkiss looks at the phenomenon of, and fascination with female cross-dressing in the Middle Ages.

306.7709 H797c 2000
Cross dressing, sex and gender
Bullough, Vern L. and Bullough, Bonnie

Professors Vern and Bonnie Bullough provide an historical and cultural overview of cross-dressing and gender presentation for both gender scholars and the general public.

Electronic Resource
Crossdressing with dignity: the case for transcending gender lines
Rudd, Peggy J

A book for the male crossdresser and his family, urging self-acceptance, better communication, and dignity.

306.77 R831c 1999
Crossing: a memoir
McCloskey, Deirdre N.

McCloskey reveals years of turmoil as a secret cross-dresser, and the difficulties she was forced to endure when she came out as transsexual.

305.9066 M132c
Crossing over: liberating the transgendered Christian
Sheridan, Vanessa

Both a record of a personal journey, and a call to action to the Christian community.

261.8357 Sh535c
Crossing the stage: controversies on cross-dressing
edited by Ferris, Leslie

Looks at the history of cross-dressing as performance art.

792.028 C884
Current concepts in transgender identity
edited by Denny, Dallas

Contributors explore historical, social, medical, personal, and theoretical aspects of transgenderism.

305.9066 C936
Current issues in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender health
edited by Harcourt, Jay

613.0866 C9364
Dawn: a Charleston legend
Simmons, Dawn Langley

Raised as a boy in England, Dawn had sex reassignment surgery in the United States, and created a stir in Charleston society by marrying a black man and having a baby.

B Si466a
Diary of a drag queen
Harris, Daniel

In an attempt to meet more men, Harris explores the world of Drag Queens.

B H2402a2
Drag: a history of female impersonation in the performing arts
Baker, Roger

792.028 B176d 1994
Drag diaries
Chermayeff, Catherine, et. al

A collection of interviews with drag queens.

306.77 C423d
The drag king anthology
edited by Troka, Donna Jean; LeBesco, Kathleen and Noble, Jean Bobby

First person narratives combined with academic theory. See Volcano, The Drag King Book for a less academic approach.

306.76 D784
The drag king book
Volcano, Del Lagrace

Interviews and photos reveal the world of the drag king.

306.77 V881d
The drag queen anthology: the absolutely fabulous but flawlessly customary world of female impersonators
edited by Schacht, Steven P. and Underwood, Lisa

Contributors look at the world of drag from a variety of social and academic disciplines.

305.3 D784
Dress codes: of three girlhoods – my mother’s, my father’s, and mine
Howey, Noelle

Howey was a teenager when she learned that her emotionally distant father liked to dress in women’s clothes, and she recounts the family’s struggles to adjust when he left and began to live as a woman.

306.874 H8398d
Early modern hermaphrodites: sex and other stories
Gilbert, Ruth

Gilbert examines the ways in which inter-sexed individuals were viewed medically, erotically, legally, and literarily in Britain from the 16th to the 18th centuries.

616.694 G376e
Encyclopedia of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender history in America
edited by Stein, Marc

306.766 En192
Ethics and intersex
edited by Systma, Sharon

An anthology of writings on legal, medical, psychological, religious, and social aspects of various treatments imposed upon intersexed individuals.

616.694 Et373
Evolution’s rainbow: diversity, gender and sexuality in nature and people
Roughgarden, Joan

Roughgarden explores the gender and sexual diversity found in humans and nature, and examines the social barriers to acceptance of human diversity.

305.3 R755e
Female impersonation
Tyler, Carol-Anne

If gender is an artifice, is not all presentation of gender a masquerade or impersonation? Tyler provides a feminist and psychoanalytic look at gender presentation as performance.

305.4201 T971f
Finding the real me: true tales of sex and gender diversity
edited by O’Keefe, Tracie and Fox, Katrina

Transgendered individuals talk about their personal experiences in this anthology.

306.77 F492
The first man-made man: the story of two sex changes, one love affair, and a twentieth century medical revolution
Kennedy, Pagan

The rather sad story of a largely unrequited relationship between Michael Dillon (formerly Laura), and Roberta Cowell (formerly Robert).

B D5876k 2007
From female to male: the life of Jack B. Garland
Sullivan, Louis

Garland, born a female, was a well-known cross-dresser and self-identified male who lived in San Francisco from the late 1880s until his death in the 1930s.

B G1833s
From the inside out: radical gender transformation, FTM and beyond
edited by Diamond, Morty

Diamond gathers the stories of a group of female-to-male transsexuals and self-defined gender-queers in this moving anthology.

810.8092 F9258
FTM: female to male transsexuals in society
Devor, Holly

Devor presents a sympathetic and easily understandable portrait of FTMs as they learn about themselves and their identity, through interviews she conducted.

306.77 D498f
Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender myths from the Arapaho to the Zuñi: an anthology
edited by Elledge, Jim

398.2089 G252
Gender blending
edited by Bullough, Bonnie; Bullough, Vern L. and Elias, James

A collection of academic papers on cross-dressing and transgenderism, with some interest for the general reader.

305.3 G285
Gender blending: confronting the limits of duality
Devor, Holly

305.42 D498g
The gender frontier
Allen, Mariette Pathy

Photographer Allen documents the lives of a number of transgender people who have chosen varying degrees of physical alteration in their quests to live authentically.

306.768 AL541g
Gender nonconformity, race, and sexuality: charting the connections
edited by Lester, Toni

Includes articles both theoretical and personal, exploring the intersections of gender, race, and sexuality, from a social sciences perspective.

305.3 G2853
Gender outlaw: on men, women, and the rest of us
Bornstein, Kate

Male-to-female transsexual Bornstein challenges the gender binary in this auto-biographical work.

305.3 B645g
Gender shock: exploding the myths of male and female
Burke, Phyllis

Burke holds that gender is a social construct and argues for gender independence.

305.3 B917g
Genderqueer: voices from beyond the sexual binary
edited by Nestle, Joan; Howell, Clare; and Wilchins, Riki Anne

First-person accounts, set within a framework of gender studies and gender politics, look at what it’s like to be genderqueer.

810.8035 G285
Genital cutting and transnational sisterhood: disputing U.S. polemics
edited by James, Stanlie M. and Robertson, Claire C.

Considers the sexual assignment of inter-sexed infants in a broader context.

392.14 G287
Girlfriend: men, women, and drag
Brubach, Holly

A sympathetic look at the world of male cross-dressing and drag, accompanied by extensive photographs.

306.77 B83g
Head over heels: wives who stay with cross-dressers and transsexuals
Erhardt, Virginia

306.8723 Er39h
The health of sexual minorities: public health perspectives on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender populations

362.1086 H3496
Health care without shame: a handbook for the sexually diverse and their caregivers
Moser, Charles, Dr.

362.1086 M853h
Healthy people 2010: companion document for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) health (PDF 2.3M)

Herculine Barbin: being the recently discovered memoirs of a nineteenth-century French hermaphrodite
Barbin, Herculine

The diary of a French hermaphrodite who committed suicide after being forced to live as a man, and separated from the woman he loved.

616.69 B234h
Hermaphrodeities: the transgender spirituality workbook
Kaldera, Raven

291.4408 K124h
Hermaphrodites and the medical invention of sex
Dreger, Alice Domurat

An historical look at intersexuality in the late 19th and early 20th centuries; drawing on both medical literature and personal accounts; with a chapter on the treatment of inter-sexed individuals today.

616.694 D812h
How sex changed: a history of transsexuality in the United States
Meyerowitz, Joanne J.

Looking at transsexuals, famous and not so famous, the doctors performing or withholding the surgeries, and the liberation movements of recent decades, Meyerowitz provides a good historical overview of transsexuality.

305.9066 M575h
I am my own woman: the outlaw life of Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, Berlin’s most distinguished transvestite
Mahlsdorf, Charlotte von

Charlotte survived the war on his lesbian aunt’s farm in East Prussia and went on to have an unusual life.

B M2778a
I am not myself these days
Kilmer-Purcell, Josh

In this sad and funny memoir, Kilmer-Purcell recounts his multiple secret lives, including that of a drug and alcohol addicted transvestite.

306.778 K558i
I’m looking through you: growing up haunted
Boylan, Jennifer Finney

In a queer time and place: transgender bodies, subcultural lives
Halberstam, Judith

306.768 H1289i
Intersex and identity: the contested self
Preves, Sharon E.

Based on interviews with adult inter-sexed individuals, Preves shows that medical intervention often causes more problems than it prevents.

616.694 P9289i
Intersex in the age of ethics
edited by Dreger, Alice Domurat

Professionals, parents, and inter-sexed individuals weigh in on current treatment modalities and theories.

174.2 In88
Invisible lives: the erasure of transsexual and transgendered people
Namaste, Viviane K.

A scholarly study of transsexuals and cross-dressers.

305.9066 N15i
Journal of sex change: passage through Trinidad
Griggs, Claudine

Griggs discusses her sex change from decision, through surgery, and beyond.

B G87598a 2004
Just add hormones: an insider’s guide to the transsexual experience
Kailey, Matt

Kailey describes the complex physical, emotional, and practical issues involved in transitioning from female to male.

306.768 K1228j
The last time I wore a dress
Scholinski, Daphne

Scholinski, now living as a man, was institutionalized for three years in the 1980s in part for her "failure to identify as a sexual female."

B Sch6297a
The lazy crossdresser
Anders, Charles

Cross-dresser Anders gives advice about shopping, make-up, dating, and more.

306.77 An226L
Lessons from the intersexed
Kessler, Suzanne J.

Kessler examines the medical and social constructs of gender and asks whether inter-sexed individuals are well-served by either.

616.694 K485L
Letting it all hang out: an autobiography

The cross-dressing performer tells it like it is—or was.

B R8766a
Looking queer: body image and identity in lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgender communities
edited by Atkins, Dawn

While focusing largely on eating disorders and body image obsession as it relates to the queer community, this book addresses concerns of inter-sexed and transgendered individuals.

306.766 L872
Love makes a family: portraits of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender parents and their families
Kaesar, Gigi

Perhaps the first book to feature a trangender parent. For all ages.

306.874 K118L
The man in the red velvet dress: inside the world of cross dressing
Allen, J.J.

Addressing a general audience, Allen explores a variety of reasons for male cross-dressing and discusses different types of cross-dressers.

306.77 AL53m
Mark 947: a life shaped by God, gender and force of will
Addams, Calpernia

Addams explores her life from the hills of Tennessee, to the first Gulf War, to the fulfillment of her dream of becoming a woman. An especially poignant story given the bias- based killing of Addams’ soldier boyfriend. (see: A Soldier’s Girl in the VIDEOS-DRAMA section).

B Ad2a
Men as women, women as men: changing gender in Native American cultures
Lang, Sabine

Provides a historical and cultural overview of the role of the berdache, a person considered to be neither male nor female, but a third gender, or perhaps fourth gender in many Native American cultures.

305.3089 L256m
Miss Vera’s cross-dress for success: a resource guide for boys who want to be girls
Vera, Veronica

Humorous and practical, this is an essential reference for the male cross-dresser.

306.77 V58m
Monsieur D’Eon is a woman: a tale of political intrigue and sexual masquerade
Kates, Gary

D’On, a French diplomat was declared to be female by Louis XVI, but was discovered to be male upon his death.

B Eo56k
Mother camp: female impersonators in America
Newton, Esther

Lesbian anthropologist Newton explores the inside world of the professional drag queen.

392.6 N482m 1979
My face for all the world to see: the diaries, letters, and drawings of Candy Darling
Darling, Candy

Andy Warhol associate Slatterly, aka Candy Darling reveals herself.

792.028 D249a
My gender workbook: how to become a real man, a real woman, the real you, or something else entirely
Bornstein, Kate

Transgender activist Bornstein provides a series of provoking questions that encourage each of us to look at where we fall on the gender spectrum.

305.3 B645m
My husband Betty: love, sex, and life with a crossdresser
Boyd, Helen

An honest account of a wife’s evolving feelings about her cross-dressing husband.

306.778 B6925m
My husband wears my clothes: crossdressing from the perspective of a wife
Rudd, Peggy J.

Dr. Rudd addresses the concerns and questions of spouses and family of mostly heterosexual male cross-dressers.

306.77 R831m
Neither man nor woman: the Hijras of India
Nanda, Serena

A cultural study of Hijras, a group of voluntary eunuchs who serve a spiritual function within their communities.

305.3095 N1538n 1999
The no-nonsense guide to sexual diversity
Baird, Vanessa

Looks at medical, scientific, and legal issues in regard to sexual diversity around the world.

306.76 B164n 2007
No way Renee: the second half of my notorious life
Richards, Renee

B R3923a2
Nobody passes: rejecting the rules of gender and conformity
edited by Mattilda, a.k.a. Matt Bernstein Sycamore

This collection of essays explores the impossibilities of "belonging" and passing as a sexual minority.

306.76 N669
Normal: transsexual CEOs, cross-dressing cops, and hermaphrodites with attitude
Bloom, Amy

Novelist and psychotherapist Bloom writes sensitively about male-to-female transsexuals, heterosexual male cross-dressers, and intersexed individuals—and challenges readers to question their concepts of gender.

306.77 B6232n
Out of the ordinary: essays on growing up with gay, lesbian, and transgendered parents
edited by Howey, Noelle and Samuels, Ellen

These essays by adult children deal honestly and compassionately with the issues involved in growing up in a GLBT family at a time when being GLBT was even less accepted than it is today.

306.874 Ou8
Pediatric gender assignment: a critical reappraisal
Zderic, Stephan A

Recommended by the Intersex Society of North America.

618.9265 P3416
Peninsula of lies: a true story of a mysterious birth and taboo love
Ball, Edward

A sex-change, an interracial marriage, and a baby of mysterious origin are only a few of the features of this compelling story.

B Si466b
The phallus palace: female to male transsexuals
Kotula, Dean

Photographs and essays chart the FTM experience.

305.9066 K849p
Pleasures of a tangled life
Morris, Jan

Autobiography of the travel writer and early transsexual. see also Morris’ Conundrum.

306.768 M8325c 2006
The Praeger handbook of transsexuality
Heath, Rachel Ann

Explores history, psychology, legal, social issues, and more, including a section on inter-sex individuals.

306.768 H3519p
Preventing prejudice: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender lesson plans for elementary schools
Buena Vista Lesbian and Gay Parents Group

305.9066 P914
Queer theory, gender theory: an instant primer
Wilchins, Riki Anne

Gender activist Wilchins tries to unravel post-modern gender theory for the general reader.

306.7601 W642q
Read my lips: sexual subversion and the end of gender
Wilchins, Riki Anne

Wilchins weaves together personal narrative and radical gender theory in a readable and challenging book.

B W6423a
Respect and equality: transsexual and transgender rights
Whittle, Stephen

Discusses the inadequacies of current law and legal theory as it relates to transsexuals.

342.087 W619r
The riddle of gender: science, activism, and transgender rights
Rudacille, Deborah

Case histories, historical and scientific research, and interviews with activists inform Rudacille’s even-handed look at the issues surrounding transgenderism.

306.768 R83r
The rights of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgender people: the authoritative ACLU guide to a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender person’s rights
Hunter, Nan

342.087 H918r 2004
Pratt, Minnie Bruce

A brave memoir by Pratt that covers her coming to terms with being a lesbian in the South, and her life with her husband, trans-activist Leslie Feinberg.

305.4896 P889s
S/he: changing sex and changing clothes
Griggs, Claudine

Transwoman Griggs explores the pressures to conform to gender stereotypes that transgender individuals face.

305.9066 G876s
Scanty particulars: the scandalous life and sstonishing secret of James Barry, Queen Victoria’s most eminent military doctor
Holmes, Rachel

James Miranda Barry, a girl (or possibly a hermaphrodite) was raised as a boy, and grew up to serve as a British Army physician.

B B2787h 2002
Second serve: the Renee Richards story
Richards, Renee

The biography of transsexual tennis star and ophthalmologist, Richards.

B R3923a
The seven days of my creation: tales of magic, sex and gender
Farrell-Roberts, Janine

Born intersexed, ordained as a Catholic Priest, Farrell-Roberts now identifies as a woman.

B F2477a
Sex changes: the politics of transgenderism
Califia-Rice, Patrick

Looking at the lives of transgender pioneers and present-day gender radicals; biology, feminism, and social construct, Califia-Rice challenges our notions of gender.

305.9066 C128s 2003
Cortez, Jaime

Bi-lingual graphic memoir tells the story of a Cuban exile who first thinks he’s gay, then realizes he’s really transgendered.

306.768 C8187s
Sexing the body: gender politics and the construction of sexuality
Fausto-Sterling, Anne

Considering medical, scientific and social concepts of sex and gender, Fausto-Sterling convincingly argues that one’s physical characteristics don’t necessarily equate with one’s gender.

155.33 F275s
Sexual metamorphosis: an anthology of transsexual memoirs
edited by Ames, Jonathan

Fifteen selections from famous (Christine Jorgensen, Renee Richards) to less-well-known transgender individuals.

306.768 Se92
She’s not the man I married: my life with a transgender husband
Boyd, Helen

Boyd discusses the intricacies of her relationship with her pre-op transgender husband.

306.848 B6925s
She’s not there: a life in two genders
Boylan, Jennifer Finney

With a good dose of humor, Boylan recounts her forty years in the wrong body, and her transition to the woman she is today.

B B696a
Sissies and tomboys: gender nonconformity and homosexual childhood
edited by Rottnek, Matthew

Questioning the diagnosis of gender identity disorder, this book posits what a gender-queer childhood could be like without the attached stigmas.

618.9285 Si83
The spirit and the flesh: sexual diversity in American Indian culture
Williams, Walter L

Ethno-historian Williams explains the history, customs, and social role of the berdache in Native American cultures.

392.6 W676s
The standards of care for gender identity disorders
Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association

The controversial standards of care which most transgender clients are subjected to in order to obtain the hormones and surgery of their choice.

Sublime mutations: photographs
Volcano, Del Lagrace

Artistic photographs of gender variant bodies powerfully challenge the gender binary.

779.2809 V881s
Sugar and spice and puppy dog tails: growing up intersexed: an intimate memoir
Conella, Katherine

B C76195a
Suits me: the double life of Billy Tipton
Middlebrook, Diane Wood

Married and a father, Tipton performed on the jazz circuit for nearly 50 years, only to be revealed to be a woman at death.

305.9066 M584s
The testosterone files: my hormonal and social transformation from female to male.
Valerio, Max W.

Former lesbian, feminist Valerio writes of his transition to maleness.

B V2372a
Third sex, third gender: beyond sexual dimorphism in culture and history
edited by Herdt, Gilbert

These essays explore the concepts of a third gender in various cultures within an historical context.

305.3 T348
The tradition of female transvestism in early modern Europe
Dekker, Rudolf and van de Pol, Lotte C.

392.6 D369t
Tranifesto: selected columns and other ramblings from a transgendered mind
Kailey, Matt

305.9066 K1228t
Trans forming families: real stories about transgendered loved ones
edited by Boenke, Mary

Family members of transgendered individuals talk about their feelings and experiences as they strive to accept the changes in their loved one. Includes a section on raising gender-queer children.

305.9066 T687; 306.768 T687 2003
Trans-gendered: theology, ministry, and communities of faith
Tanis, Justin Edward

A transgender minister discusses the place of the transgender person within religious communities.

230.0866 T1569t
Trans liberation: beyond pink or blue
Feinberg, Leslie

Essays by Feinberg and others on the complexity of gender expression.

305.9066 F327t
Transaccessibility project: making women’s shelters accessible to transgendered women
Cope, Allison

Zander, Erica

The memoir of a male-to-female transsexual who continues to live with her wife of thirty years.

306.768 Z15t
Transformations: crossdressers and those who love them
Allen, Mariette Pathy

Cross-dressers are shown in daily life through photographs and interviews.

306.77 AL54t
Transgender and HIV: risks, prevention, and care
edited by Bockting, Walter and Kirk, Sheila

616.9792 T6873
Transgender care: recommended guidelines, practical information, and personal accounts
Israel, Gianna E.

While written for healthcare professionals, this is an approachable book for a general audience.

362.1086 Is7t
Transgender emergence: therapeutic guidelines for working with gender-variant people and their families
Lev, Arlene Istar

A book for the mental health practitioner, presenting transgenderism as a normal variation of human expression.

616.8583 L574t
Transgender equality: a handbook for activists and policymakers
Currah, Paisley

342.7308 C936t
Transgender jurisprudence: dysphoric bodies of law
Sharpe, Andrew N.

Sharpe examines and challenges the body of law to which transgendered persons may find themselves subjected.

342.087 Sh24t
Transgender on screen
Phillips, John

791.4365 P5444t
Transgender rights
edited by Currah, Paisley; Juang, Richard M. and Minter, Shannon Price

323.326 T6873
Transgender studies reader
edited by Stryker, Susan and Whittle, Stephen

306.768 T6873
Transgender underground: [London and the third sex]
Andrei, Claudia

Through interviews and photographs, Andrei explores (and dispels) myths about transsexuals, transvestites, drag queens and gender-queer individuals.

305.3896 An25t
Transgender warriors: making history from Joan of Arc to Dennis Rodman
Feinberg, Leslie

Feinberg takes a look at transgender issues and persons throughout history.

305.3 F327t 1996
Transgenderism and intersexuality in childhood and adolescence: making choices: vol. 46
Cohen-Kettenis, Peggy Tine

Aimed at the professional community, this volume explores medical, psychological, and legal issues related to transgender and inter-sexed children and teens.

305.3 C6605t
Transmen and FTMs: identities, bodies, genders, and sexualities
Cromwell, Jason

An academic exploration of the experience of "female-bodied" men informed by discourse analysis and feminist theory.

305.9066 C88t
Transparent: love, family, and living the T with transgender teenagers
Beam, Cris

After volunteer teaching transgender and queer teens in a "last hope" school in Los Angeles, Beam finds herself getting further involved with some of them, ultimately unofficially foster-parenting Christina.

306.768 B37t
Transsexual workers: an employer’s guide
Walworth, Janis

Basic information on transsexuality for managers, with an emphasis on managing an employee’s transition in the workplace.

306.768 W179t 2003
Transsexuals: candid answers to private questions
Ramsey, Gerald

Although a bit dated, Ramsey addresses many of the concerns and questions of the transgendered person and his or her family and friends.

305.3 R149t
True selves: understanding transsexualism—for family, friends, coworkers, and helping professionals
Brown, Mildred L.

From childhood questions and teen fears, to therapy, surgery and beyond, the authors cover the transsexual experience.

305.3 B814t
The unsinkable Bambi Lake: a fairy tale containing the dish on cockettes, punks, and angels
Lake, Bambi

B L1479a
Uranian worlds: a guide to alternative sexuality in science fiction, fantasy, and horror
edited by Garber, Eric and Paleo, Lyn

016.8088 G163u 1990
Vested interests: cross-dressing and cultural anxiety
Garber, Marjorie B.

Garber examines the cultural significance of transvestites, particularl

Workplace Gender Transition Guidelines For Transgender Employees, Managers and Human Resource Professionals (PDF 259K)

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