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If You Want to Scare Yourself: Scary Stories for Younger Readers

Image of a Bat boy This booklist compiled by the children's librarians at the San Francisco Public Library, June 2000. The books listed are a sampling of the titles available. Ask your children’s librarian for further suggestions, and tell us which are your favorites.

The adventures of Isabel
Nash, Ogden

jPS Nash
The amazing bone
Steig, William

jPS Stei
The boy and the ghost
San Souci, Robert D.

j398 SanS
Cole, Joanna

jR Cole
Clay boy
Ginsburg, Mirra

jPS Gins
A creepy countdown
Huck, Charlotte S.

jPS Huck
A dark, dark tale
Brown, Ruth

jPS Brow
Diane Goode's book of scary stories & songs
Goode, Diane

j398.25 Dian
Eek! stories to make you shriek
O'Connor, Jane

jR OCon
The gargoyle on the roof
Prelutsky, Jack

j811.54 Prel
The ghost-eye tree
Martin, Bill and Archambault, John

jPS Mart
The ghost of Nicholas Greebe
Johnson, Tony

jPS John
The ghost of Sifty-Sifty Sam
Medearis, Angela Shelf

jPS Mede
The house that Drac built
Sierra, Judy

jPS Sier
In a dark, dark room and other scary stories
Schwartz, Alvin

jR Schw
The little old lady who was not afraid of anything
Williams, Linda

jPS Will
Lon Po Po: a Red-Riding Hood story from China
Young, Ed

j398 Youn; j398.2095 Youn
Lucy Dove
Del Negro, Janice

Making friends with Frankenstein
McNaughton, Colin

j821.914 McNa
Mr. and Mrs. Pig's evening out
Rayner, Mary

jPS Rayn
The scary book
Cole, Joanna

j808.8 Scar; j398.2 Scar
The tailypo: a ghost story
Galdone, Joanne

j398 Gald
There's a nightmare in my closet
Mayer, Mercer

jPS Maye
O'Malley, Kevin

jPS OMal
What's under my bed?
Stevenson, James

jPS Stev
Wiley and the hairy man
Sierra, Judy

j398.2089 Sier
Wiley and the hairy man
Bang, Molly

jR Bang
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