Science / Health

SFPL Databases

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ScienceFacts logo Science Online Middle school and up
1,100 experiments indexed by grade range
Kids InfoBits logo Kids infoBits Kindergarten - 5th Grade
Full-text articles for topics such as Space & Astronomy, Earth Science, Scientists & Inventions, and others.
GolierOnline Passport logo Grolier Online Grade 3 and up
Information for reports, homework, science projects, and experiments.
Gale Student Resource logo Student Resource Center Middle school and up
Articles for Endangered Species, Global Warning, Hurricanes, and many other science topics.


Amazing Space Grade 4 and up
Lots of space facts, online activities, and homework help.
Discovery Education Science Homework Help Videos Grade 3 and up
The Environmental Kids Club Grade 4 and up
Games and information pages help students understand the importance of recycling, air quality, & waste management etc.
California Academy of Science
Chabot Space & Science Center
Teaching and learning center focusing on astronomy and the space sciences
Exploratorium: the Museum of Science, Art, and Human Perception All ages
About the health of children and teens.
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