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Name: Alex Hatch
Age: 64

City: San Francisco

Your Branch: Sunset


Your Program at the Library: Events at Sunset Branch (March 9, 2009), Excelsior Branch (April 15, 2009) and Main Library (April 1, 2009) for my book Cracks in the Asphalt: The Community Gardens of San Francisco
Favorite Movie: Robert Altman's McCabe and Mrs. Miller, a story about transition What is your green philosophy? To share, only buy what we need, buy locally, avoid chain stores, drive less, be kind to the land. Is it easy being green? Being green is not difficult but it is inconvenient at times. It is necessary to think about trying not to make waste and when you are trying to live with a little less, rather than it being easier, it is more difficult and time consuming.

Cracks in the Asphalt book cover What do you renew, recycle, reuse?
I recycle the usual food scrapes, paper and cans and glass but also clothing which goes to the thrift store. We try not to buy new things preferring to buy reconditioned goods instead.

What motivates you to be green? Waste

What one thing would you encourage others to do to help the planet? Sharing is a wonderful way to spread the wealth. Getting together with friends to swap useful objects helps to slow the over production of goods.

Was there a key moment when you knew you had to become involved in environmental activities? The 70's saw a big jump in the price of meat. It was at that time the food conspiracies were organized in San Francisco. It was then that a change in consciousness resulted in the ultimate establishment of cooperative food stores. The Community garden movement began to gain in popularity, also.

What is the most important issue facing the planet? Corporate Greed. Specifically, the control of seed production. It is a crime that it is unlawful for a poor farmer to save seeds for use the following year. Yet that is the situation farmers find themselves facing all over the world.

What local green resources (stores, organizations) do you support? Other Avenues Cooperative Food Store, Terra Firma CSA, San Francisco Ecology Center, Global Exchange.

What is your perfect meal? Anything Mediterranean

Favorite plant or tree? Oaks and olives

Favorite animal? Cats

Where is your favorite place? That's a secret.

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