Historia y Estudios Sociales

HistoryBases de Datos

Student Resources in Context (middle school+)
Subject based resources including essays, analyses, magazines, newspapers, audio and video clips. Topics include Astronomy (stars), Health (Asthma), and other basic science concepts (light).
Social Studies Fact Cards (middle school)
California missions, explorers, states, countries, ancient civilizations
Opposing Viewpoints (middle school +)
Find "pro" and "con" arguments on controversial social issues. Great for debate and position papers.
History Resource Center : United States or World (high school)
U.S. and / or world history resources for undergraduate and high school research
JSTOR (high school)
Full text academic journals going back to 1838. Great for history, sociology, ethnic studies papers.

Sitios Web

SF Museum & Historical Society
A non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, interpreting and presenting the historical heritage of San Francisco.
San Francisco City Guides
A series of free walking tours conducted by volunteers to preserve and perpetuate the history and folklore of San Francisco.
California Historical Society
A source for primary and secondary resources on California history including immigration, gold rush, native tribes, landscape, geography, politics, government, etc.
United States National Parks
Offers fact sheets on national historic landmarks, structures, parks, species, archaeological sites, and museum collections.
Smithsonian National Museum of American History
A virtual connection to the brick and mortar NMAH that offers, virtual exhibitions, an overview of Museum program, activities and collections, an updated blog as well as resources for American history.
World History Matters
A collaborative website with links to world history sites that offer reviews, primary sources and tips on finding relevant information.

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