Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Mix at SFPL support the Library’s Strategic Goals?

Yes, The Mix supports all SFPL’s Strategic Priorities
  • A Premier Urban Library – Positioning the Library as America’s premier public library in delivering accessible services for San Francisco residents.
  • Literacy and Learning – Building a highly literate and educated community.
  • Youth Engagement – Supporting the City’s youth with myriad programs and services including summer learning, outreach to schools, and expanded teen services with an emphasis on access to technology and media literacy.
  • Digital Strategy – Ensuring equitable access to public technology and resources.
  • Partnerships for Excellence – Leveraging the Library’s resources to strengthen the services and programs offered and help the Library reach a larger audience.
  • Organizational Excellence – Building the Library’s operational capacity to be a high performing organization as a good steward of the community’s resources.

What are the purpose and benefits of the The Mix?

The Mix at SFPL will prioritize youth literacy and learning, both traditional and technology focused.  It will provide a safe and active learning space for youth in the heart of the City and will work with many other youth serving organizations to enhance and expand programs and resources for our City’s youth.

What programs and services will be included in the The Mix at SFPL?

The Mix will include traditional, media and programmatic resources relevant to youth, including resources that support homework, self-directed learning, technology learning, mentoring and partnerships. Programming is supported by grants from the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library. The Mix will provide the following programs and services:
  • Collections that reflect and support the varied needs of youth, including informational, educational and recreational interests.
  • Partnerships with city agencies and community based organizations that will expand and enhance the collections.
  • Collaborative programs with other agencies and libraries, including those that provide training through workshops and classes.
  • City wide programs and events for youth that support diversity, literacy and learning, digital and technological literacy and youth engagement.
  • Sound and video studios where classes can be offered and where youth can create their own presentations, enhancing their media skills and becoming creators of media rather than just consumers.
  • Laptop check out and computer areas for youth to access needed technology and build their 21st century technology skills.
  • Quiet reading areas and space for study.
  • Group meeting area with lounge seating and a Carpet Garden lounging and program/presentation space.
  • Maker Space that will offer classes and provide an area for youth to create, tinker or invent.
  • Staff and mentors trained in working with youth and knowledgeable about  resources at The Mix.
  • Programs and class instruction.

Where will The Mix be located?

A library staff team and the Board of Advising Youth identified various options within the Main Library and selected the 2nd floor near the Larkin Street entrance as the optimal location for The Mix on the South side of the building to the right as you enter through the Larkin Street Library entrance.
Diagram of floorplan

How big is The Mix?

The The Mix will be 4770 square feet.

When will The Mix at SFPL be open to the public?

Construction began in Fall 2014 with an anticipated opening of Late Spring 2015.

The space where The Mix at SFPL will go was occupied by Project Read and the Library’s Human Resources department.  Where have they gone?

Project Read has moved into the newly created Bridge at Main on the 5th floor.  This will allow it to work more closely with other library services with shared goals of literacy and learning and to have ready access to additional materials and resources.  Human Resources has moved to the 6th floor where they have more space to provide services to the public and Library staff.

How is The Mix at SFPL being funded?

Initial funding for construction comes from the Library’s budget.  Additional funds will be raised by the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library.  Private support will be welcome and those interested in the project may contact the Friends at (415) 626-7500.
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