Identify Interests, Desires, and Skills

These resources that help you to identify their interests, desires, needs and skills (e.g., careers exploration, job market information and employment outlook).


  • Career Girl
    A video guide for girls on choosing a career.
  • Inside Jobs
    An online tool that helps you discover career ideas and connect you to many useful educational resources.
  • California CareerZone
    A career exploration site that allows you to search and browse over 900+ occupations and job market information.
  • O*Net
    An online job market information website for job seekers, students and professionals. Browse through occupations by category, industry and keyword.


  • Career tool kit : skills for success [2014]
    by Carol Carter, Gary Izumo
    Call No.: 650.14 C2452c 2014
  • Top 10 tips for planning for a career [2013]
    by Molly Jones
    Call No.: 650.1 J7219t  
  • Best jobs for the 21st century [2012]
    by Laurence Shatkin
    Call No.: 331.702 F24b 2012
  • 150 best jobs for a secure future [2012]
    by Laurence Shatkin
    Call No.: 331.702 F24ose
  • Survey of American industry and careers [2012]
    by the Editors of Salem Press
    Call No.: 331.702 Su792
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