Identify Careers and Jobs that Match Interests

These resources help you to identify careers and jobs that match your profile (e.g., skills assessment, career paths, and occupations profile).   


  • Skills Profiler
    Use the Skills Profiler to create a list of your skills and match them to job types that use those skills. When your skills profile is complete, you can print it or save it.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook
    A useful career exploration site that profiles hundreds of occupations and describes what they do, work environment, how to become one, pay, and more.


  • Your career : how to make it happen [2013]
    by Lauri Harwood
    Call No.: 650.14 H266y
  • 150 best jobs for your skills [2012]
    by Laurence Shatkin
    Call No.: 331.702 F24os 2012
  • What color is your parachute? [2013]
    by Richard N. Bolles
    Call No.: 650.14 B638w 2013
  • Nontraditional careers for women and men: more than 30 great jobs for women and men with apprenticeships through PhDs [2012]
    by Andrew Morkes and Amy McKenna
    Call No.: 331.702 M8271n
  • Careers in psychology : opportunities in a changing world [2013]
    by Tara L. Kuther, Robert D. Morgan
    Call No.: 150.2373 K9691c 2013
  • The comprehensive guide to careers in sports [2013]
    by Glenn M. Wong
    Call No.: 796.023 W8463c 2013
  • 101 careers in counseling [2012]
    by Shannon Hodges
    Call No.: 158.3023 H6671o
  • Fashion : the industry and its careers [2012]
    by Michele M. Granger
    Call No.: 746.9202 G7659f 2012
  • Starting your career as a freelance editor : a guide to working with authors, books, newsletters, magazines, websites, and more [2012]
    by Mary Embree
    Call No.: 808.027 Em16s  
  • Theater careers : a realistic guide [2012]
    by Tim Donahue and Jim Patterson
    Call No.: 792.023 D7145t
  • Careers in creative industries [2012]
    edited by Chris Mathieu
    Call No.: 700.23 C1808
  • Top 100 careers without a four-year degree : your complete guidebook to good jobs in many fields [2012]
    by Laurence Shatkin and Michael Farr
    Call No.: 331.702 F24tw 2012
  • 300 best jobs without a four-year degree [2013]
    by Laurence Shatkin
    Call No.: 331.702 F24t 2013
  • I don't want to go to college : other paths to success [2013]
    by Heather Z. Hutchins
    Call No.: 650.1 H9707i
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