We Want You Back! Fine Forgiveness Program

January 3 – February 14, 2017
Fine Forgiveness 2017

Fine Forgiveness Program

About to let that overdue Beatles album be? Horrified to find Frankenstein hiding under the bed? The San Francisco Public Library wants you – and your overdue items – back!  Reconnect with the Library in the new year by returning your overdue items, fine free. For six weeks, beginning January 3 through February 14, the San Francisco Public Library will waive the late fees on all returned books, CDs, DVDs and other materials, regardless of how long overdue.

Return your overdue items, clear your record and begin enjoying all of the fabulous resources that the Library has to offer!

Recovering overdue materials increases the availability of materials for circulation and reduces replacement costs. During the last amnesty program in 2009, the Library received more than 30,000 overdue items, waived $55,000 worth of fines and welcomed back thousands of patrons. The program aligns with the Library’s commitment to eliminating barriers to service and providing basic access for all San Franciscans, especially those most in need of library services.

Recovering the Classics Partnership

SFPL has partnered with Recovering the Classics on the artwork for the Fine Forgiveness campaign. Recovering the Classics, part of the Creative Action Network, is a crowdsourced collection of original book covers for great works of literature in the public domain.

  • Don Quixote book cover
  • Dorian Gray book cover
  • Dracula book cover
  • Frankenstein book cover
  • Fredrick Douglass book cover
  • Paradise Lost book cover
  • Persuasion book cover
  • Peter Pan book cover
  • Sherlock Holmes book cover
  • This Side of Paradise book cover
  • Wizard of Oz book cover

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