San Francisco Public Library

技術 / 住戶管理 / 消費者

A collection of the Business, Science & Technology Center
The materials in this collection cover a broad spectrum of science-based topics that apply to daily life. The primary focus of the technology collection is on up-to-date handbooks and technical guides that satisfy the popular information needs of students, apprentices, hobbyists, home buyers, do-it-yourselfers, entrepreneurs and general readers. The current handbooks and manuals in the computer collection are used by students, hobbyists, owners of small businesses and general readers interested in specific software programs; this collection is meant to meet their popular information needs. Users of the cookery collection span all ages and abilities: home cooks; high school, college and culinary school students; food club members; authors; bakery, café and restaurant owners; chefs, bakers, cooks, professional caterers and food designers; small business owners. The household management collection serves the general public, including parents, culinary and cosmetology students, and amateur sewers. The gardening and agriculture collection provides an introductory overview for a general audience and lower-level college students, with selected important works. The collections are weeded based on significance of title and changing use.